Deadwood Deacon

The Tree Spirit's Home at High Noon - Part 2

John Ruger Saves The Tree Spirit

The tree spirit attacks Beau, Bullseye, John & Killian by shooting spikes at them all, doing some damage.

The summoned earth elementals begin to attack the totems, smashing 6 of them, which causes the tree spirit to reel from the attack.

This allows the posse to destroy the other totems, causing the tree spirit to vanish.

After searching the area, the posse determines that the tree spirit was under the influence of the totems which was causing it to do evil things. With the totems being destroyed, the evil influence is gone and will not effect the tree spirit. Bullseye notices the totems appeared to be have been placed there in the last few weeks.

Posse heads back to town.

September 14, 1876

Posse talks to Deputy Swift in the morning about dealing with the tree spirit. The totems were snake spirit totems.

David and Patrick – 4 fate points



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