Deadwood Deacon

Hunting Papa Mamba at High Noon, Part 5

The Top of the Stairs

Beau and John head for the stairs, Gavri’el heads for the 20 zombies coming from the south entrance, while Smitty does a deal with a demon to cast a spell.

Gavri’el begins to fight the zombies. He kills one with a head shot.

Beau shoots 1 in the head.

Smitty casts a fireball and hits 10 of the zombies.

John heads for the top of the stairs, with Beau and Smitty following behind.

The zombies damage Gavri’el greatly. Gavri’el flies into the air and heals himself. Then goes back into the flight.

After reloading with their rock salt ammo the posse attacks the zombies from the stairs using the height advantage to dispatch the rest of the zombies.

Ben, Patrick and Mike M get 3 fate points



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