Deadwood Deacon

The Fiorentini Homestead at High Noon, Part 2

August 17, 1876

The posse manages to defeat the kidnappers and save the kidnapped girl.

Gavri’el kills Gianni’s wife after a short fight with her. The posse also captures the two wanted kidnappers. A couple of members of the posse ransack the house and bury the dead bodies.

The posse stays in the house overnight. The night passes with no incidents.

August 18, 1876

Posse rides back to town. Take the criminals to the town marshal, who pays them the reward of $900.

Gavri’el buys 3 books, one about dragons, orcs and goblins.

Beau looks for a saloon to find out about Draghi Resto.

John teleports to Lucky Pete’s mine and buys 3 lbs of Ghost Rock and then teleports back.

Beau tells the posse what he has learned about Draghi Resto.

Beau goes to search for information on Peter W. Mercer, Joel Simpson and Michael Gray. Finds out no information.

August 19, 1876

Gavri’el goes looking for infomration and learns where Joel Simpson is, the Reunion House.

Beau tells the desk clerk that he has a package for Joel, but the desk clerk tells him to leave the package at the desk.

Gavri’el pays the desk clerk $20 for Joel’s room number.

Beau and John go up to the door of Joel’s room while Gavri’el and the priest watch from the outside.

Beau knocks on the door, he hears someone walking over to the door. The door opens and John drops his lasso when trying to use it on Joel.

Joel says, “Oh shit” and tries to slam the door.

John get’s his foot in the door and keeps it open.

Joel runs for the window. John tries to catch him with the lasso, makes a critical hit, but Joel makes a better critical dodge and goes out the window as the lasso lands where Joel just was.

Beau runs for the window. The Priest shoots Joel in the leg and they capture him.

The Marshal pays Joel’s bounty but warns the posse about shooting firearms in the city.

Ben, Patrick and Mike M. get 3 fate points.



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