Deadwood Deacon

Making Magic at High Noon

August 2nd, 1876

John makes a wand (Phantom Steed), sells his horse and goes out into the woods to pick up pieces of Oak wood and other pieces of wood.

Gavri`el prays to God to find a way to improve his sword’s enchantment and looks for books about creatures from the Fey realm. Finds a few books, buys a book on Elven history, Goblin history and an Elven book on Dragon Lore.

Marshall Wild Bill Hickok is shot dead at 10 A.M. in the Nuttall & Mann’s Saloon by Jack McCall.

August 3rd, 1876

Wild Bill is buried by Charley Utter on Boot Hill. Calamity Jane insists that he have a proper grave built. A 10′×10′ enclosure is built around his bruial plot encircled by a 3’ fence with fancy cast iron filigree on top. A small American flag is stuck into the ground in front of the tombstone in honor of his service in the War.
Charley Utter places a wooden marker on the grave with the following inscription.

Wild Bill
J. B. Hickok
Killed by the assassin Jack McCall
Deadwood, Black Hills
August 2, 1876
Pard we will meet again in the
Happy Hunting Grounds to part no more
Good bye
Colorado Charlie, C. H. Utter

John teleports to the Goblin mine entrance, finds one of the miners, asks if he can speak to Urukgar. Makes a deal with Urukgar to buy/trade Ghost Rock for money or magic item creation.

Mike Martinez and Patrick Little were present for the game and earned 3 fate points.



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