Deadwood Deacon

Hunting Papa Mamba at High Noon, Part 4

Guarding the Bridge

July 29th, 1876

Mr. Smith and Smitty stand guard at the bridge in the water cave, where they had found Mr. Smith.

The posse continued deeper into the mine, through the Michalowice Chamber.

Beau and John continue down the Rarancza Traverse. Looking down into the Saurau Chamber, seeing some zombies and overseers below.

Beau & John shoot the overseers. Each of them hits a separate overseer in the left arm. Then shoot at the other two overseers. Those still standing head toward the exits of the cave on opposite walls. Beau and John continue to shoot. The first overseer ends up being shot dead, two others get shot in the leg, and one escapes out of the cave through the far opening.

Gavri’el chases the overseer who is sounding an alarm. He casts a silence spell, then attacks the overseer, cutting his arm off, then Gavri’el kills the overseer.

Beau and John get to the bottom of the stairs as Gavri’el returns to the cave.

John asks the remaining overseers, “Where is Papa Mamba?” in creole.

Both overseers continue to crawl.

Beau steps on the back of one.

Gavri’el casts zone of truth.

One continues to crawl, the one Beau is stepping on says, “I don’t know where Papa Mamba is.”

The posse asks the overseers about Papa Mamba. Gavri’el takes the chicken feet from the two overseers.

After they finish questioning the overseers, 1 zombie attacks the overseers and kills them.

After searching the area, the voice of Papa Mamba speaks from the darkened opening of the south tunnel, “Arise my minions and slay the interlopers!”

Ben, Patrick and Mike M get 3 fate points



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