Deadwood Deacon

The Tree Spirit at High Noon

September 12, 1876 – night

The posse is currently in the Nutall Saloon.

Richards enters the bar and gets a drink.

John casts Detect Undead and does not detect any.

Gavri`el casts Bless Water on Richards’ drink and creates Holy Water.

Richard’s pitches a fit that his whiskey tastes like water.

Bar tender replaces his drink.

Richards’ picks up a saloon girl and after an hour leaves the bar with her.

Gavri`el follows him after casting Invisibility on himself.

Bullseye also follows Richards.

Gavri`el casts Silence and flies after Richards.

Bullseye hurries ahead and climbs up Mollie Johnson’s boarding house.

Richards enters the Rio Grande Hotel.

Gavri`el begins looking in windows of the Rio Grande.

Bullseye jumps to the Rio Grande roof then repels down the building’s side.

Gavri`el goes around to the front of the building, then sees Bullseye standing in front of a window.

Gavri`el hovers close to the balcony, the Silence spell effects Bullseye.

Gavri`el cancels the spell after landing on the porch.

Bullseye tells Gavri`el, “He’s in there.” Motions to be quiet.

Gavri`el points to his sword and smiles.

They listen to the sounds of moaning coming from the room.

Deputy Swift shows up and tells the two to leave. After trying to hide from Swift, he finds them anyway and so they decide to leave.

Gavri`el and Bullseye head back to the saloon.

Gavri`el sits at the bar.

Bullseye tells the posse what he and Gavri`el found at Richards’ room.

Posse hangs out in the saloon.

Bullseye realizes he left his rope and grappling hook at the Rio Grande. Retrieves his equipment then goes to the western edge of town.

Spots a set of eyes deep in the woods watching him. Goes to investigate, moves deeper into the woods.

While watching the creature, it obviously moved closer to him and he’s gets the feeling he shouldn’t be there.

Bullseye goes back to the saloon to tell the posse about what he saw.

September 13, 1876

Posse except for John goes to the Nutall for breakfast.

John works on magic items.

Deputy Swift comes into the Nutall and asks the posse to investigate a body found at the edge of town.


Bullseye searches the area around the body and finds tracks which lead away from the body and to a tree, no tracks can be found heading away from the tree.

Gavri`el senses that the body has been defiled. Also that the dead man’s spirit will not rest until the tree spirit which killed him is dispatched. But is sure that consecrating the ground where the body rests will bind the spirit there.

Bullseye goes to get John and the two get Father Pena. Father Pena consecrates the ground.

Bullseye investigates the area to see if he can see where the tree spirit came from. He then tells Deputy Swift what he has discovered.

Ben, Jeff, Mike M. and Patrick get 3 fate points.



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