Welcome to town of Deadwood, South Dakota.

A friendly little town on the edge of the Cheyenne River Indian Reservation. Step up to the bar an set a spell!

Deadwood is a wild place. Over a third of the population makes its living from saloons, gambling, or prostitution. The knowledge that the town is surround by the Sioux nation and they could decide to wipe out the town any day lurks in the back of every citizen’s mind, and most eat, drink, and make merry, for they might never see tomorrow.

Marshal Seth Bullock and his deputies do their best to keep the peace and round up any errant drunks. He tries to keep violence to a minimum-especially when the Sioux are mixed up in an incident-but things don’t always work out the way he’d like.

A large number of miners refuse to leave their stakes for fear claim jumpers will rob them blind. The Sioux leave the miners alone, provided they don’t wander off their registered claims. All miners are required to register their claims through the Office of Indian Affairs, which is run by a man named Joseph Bearclaw. A lawyer educated back East, it is still obvious that he is a Sioux by birth.

A large number of Chinese immigrants have set up housekeeping at the north end of town and work a number of mines in the Black Hills to the north of town. These mines are owned by a number of these immigrants as it is illegal for a company to own a mine in the Black Hills. Others make a living as servants, or business owners, running laundries and restaurants.

The east side of Deadwood is most peaceful portion of town with homes containing the few families that call the town home along with a school and the town’s only church. The west side of Deadwood is a tent city with the population changing from day to day. To the south of Deadwood are the only company owned mines as they are not actually in the Black Hills.

Two railroads are working to build spurs to the town, Iron Dragon a California based railroad run by the rail baron Kang and Union Blue a New York based railroad run by Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain. Neither railroad has reached Deadwood as of yet, but both are within months of completing their spur projects.

There are 4,000 individuals living in and around Deadwood. Of those 4,000, 600 are Blacks, 400 are Asians, 2,200 are Whites and 300 are Fey, 400 are Mexicans and 100 are Indians.

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