Character Creation

The characters of the wild west, that is Player Characters are a hardy bunch of hombres who step forward to handle the most vile critters to stalk the plains. They’re the ones who ordinary folk look to for protection and help.

We will be using the Aces High variant rules from Chaosium, which is a supplement of the BRP system. Below are the character creation rules with any changes I will be using for the Deadwood Deacon game.

Step One:

Create your characters Name and characteristics using the Dice method described on page 16 BRP. You will need to check each race write up for the exact number of dice that will be needed to generate your stats. The currently available races are, Aasimars, Catfolk, Dhampirs, Drow, Dwarves, Elves, Fetchlings, Gnomes, Goblins, Half-Elves, Half-Orcs, Halflings, Hobgoblins, Humans, Ifrits, Kobolds, Orcs, Oreads, Ratfolk, Sylphs, Tieflings and Undines.

Remember, stats are generated on a take the best out of N+1 dice, where N is the number of dice listed in the race write up. So for instance, if the write up says, 3d6 for a stat, you would roll 4d6 and take the best 3.

Step Two:

Edges & Hindrances: Great heroes are far more than a collection of skills and attributes. It’s their unique gifts, special powers and tragic flaws that truly make them interesting characters.

Characters can take special abilities (modified from the Savage Worlds system), Edges, by balancing them out with character flaws, called Hindrances. Humans are an exception and get 1 free Edge, in order to cast spells, the player will need to have the associated edge.

You can take one Major Hindrance or two Minor Hindrances, this will allow you to select 1 Edge.

As the game progresses, I’ll be using the fate point system that I use with my fantasy game, except that players will be purchasing Edges using the fate points that I give out after each game session.

Step Three:

Determine your characters Age in the normal way as described on page 19 BRP.

Step Four:

Determine your Characteristic Rolls in the normal way on page 27-28 BRP. Aces High uses the optional Know characteristic roll based on the characters EDU.

Step Six:

Aces High has its own Personality Definitions described below. Do not use the Personality Definitions described in the BRP book.

This step in character creation defines what your character learnt during their formative years. These are the skills that your character has picked up throughout childhood.

Roll 1d6, or pick one of the Personality Definitions from pages 6 & 7 of the Aces High book. Assign 20 Skill points to each of the 13 skills.

Step Seven:

Use the one of the Occupations from the list below. Click on each of the Occupation names to see a write up about that particular Occupation.

Non-humans use “The Cowboys”, “The Outlaws” and “The Ladies” Occupations.

The Occupations are broken up into the following six groups.

The Cowboys; Bartender, Bounty Hunter, Cavalry Officer, Cavalry Soldier, Cowboy, Craftsman, Doctor, Farmer, Performer, Preacher, Prospector-Miner, Pugilist, Rancher, Settler, Sheriff-Marshal, Stagecoach Driver, Texas Ranger Pinkerton, Tracker.

The Outlaws; Bank-Train Robber, Card Shark, Confidence Trickster, Hired Killer, Rustler, Stagecoach Robber.

The Red Skins; Scout, Outcast, or as Cowboy, or as Outlaw.

The Ladies: Fallen Dove, School Ma’am, or as Cowboy, or as Outlaw.

The Negroes: Slave-field, Slave-house, or as Cowboy, or as Outlaw.

The Chinese: Shaolin Monk, or as Cowboy, or as Outlaw, or as Negro.

I would prefer everyone use an occupation from the Cowboys list, but will grudgingly allow other occupations.

This is a Heroic level campaign so, you get 325 points for your Occupation skill point pool. No Occupation skills may begin higher then 90%, unless that skill has been increased by an Extraordinary Ability. Also, you get 250 points for your personal skill point pool. These points may be spent on any skill in the Aces High Complete Skills List, page 14 AH. None of these additional skills may be higher than 75% unless that skill has been increased by an Extraordinary Ability.

If your character will start the game with magic spells, weird science abilities, blessed abilities or any other supernatural powers, make sure to assign skill points to those abilities as well.

Step Eight:

Determine your character’s height and weight using the Character SIZ Chart on page 26 BRP. You may also choose to use the optional Distinctive Features rule on page 34-35 BRP.

Step Nine:

Determine your character’s possessions. Each Occupation supplies a basic set of equipment and some wealth to use for additional items, see pages 20-26 AH. To calculate your character’s wealth, check the occupations Wealth Level.

Your character will be: Wealthy, Affluent, Average, Poor or Destitute based on their chosen occupation, each Wealth Level has its own dice roll to generate starting wealth.

To spend this extra cash consult the Aces High chapter Guns Equipment and Supplies starting on page 27 AH.

Step Ten:

Does your character have any religious views or goals? Read the Religion, Piety and Allegiance section on page 30 AH and determine what your Piety should be.

Character Creation

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