Deadwood Deacon

Mind The Tree Spirit at High Noon

September 13, 1876 around noon time. Posse is at the sheriff’s office.

Gavri`el prays for guidance concerning the tree spirit, but after about 15 minutes of praying, Deputy Swift tells him he’s not going to get an answer, so he should move on.

Bullseye starts to head to Randall’s Firearms to purchase some knives, but John tells him to go to Stronghammer the Dwarven Smith instead.

As the posse heads off, Deputy Swift suggests to Gavri`el that he should go to his house for guidance.

Gavri`el responds puzzled, “My house?”

Killian responds, “God’s house.”

To which Swift says, “Yes.”

Bullseye talks with Stonehammer about getting a knife. Knife will be ready in 3 days.

Posse heads to the church.

Gavri`el kneels to pray, has the following vision.

Your name is Tracey M. Pauley, you are a prospector looking for that big strike so that you can return home to your family and make a better life for them. You are sure that God himself will see you through the rough times and will also see you home to your family safely.

You find yourself walking down the street of a western town. It is the typical frontier town, with various buildings standing side by side. Mixed in with the regular businesses are saloons, pool halls, brothels and dance halls, but they are not what you’re looking for. You’re looking for a place of worship where you can bolster your faith in God.

Ignoring the sinners, both male and female, you continue looking for this church, because you know for sure there is one in this town somewhere. While the darkness of evil invests this town, you steel yourself against it, sure that your faith in God will protect you. The shadow of evil that is here is almost physical and you hurry along in search of the church.

You spot a deputy sheriff of the county and go to him to enlist his aid, but as you get closer to him, you know he can’t help you as he is not a child of God.

Finally you spot the church and rush toward it. But as you draw nearer, you notice that a shadow of evil hovers over it. As you draw near the doors, a shape suddenly appears in front of them. A twisted demon stands before the doors. You know it once wore beautiful clothes, dressed by God himself, but now it’s clothes are dark and drab. It’s once white wings are now black with the evil deeds it as committed on this world.

It stands before the doors, those same dark wings stretching out to block your way. You can see the priest of the church just inside those doors and know if you could only reach him, things would be better, but the demon blocks you from entering.

Distraught, you turn back from the church and wander back into the town, as you feel the darkness of the evil slowly begin to engulf you, you wake from the vision, drenched in sweat!

Once he has come around from the vision, Gavri`el asks if anyone present has heard of a Tracy Pauley.

Killian notices a man come in to the church, looks around and notices the posse toward the front of the church. He then turns around a leaves the church.

Killian immediately follows the man out.

Beau, Bullseye and John follow behind Killian.

Gavri`el gets up and follows as well.

Once out on the street and spotting the man as he moves away from the church, Killian shouts out, “Oy!”

As John leaves the church, he changes the ammo in his gun from his wooden bullets to regular bullets.

Killian and Bullseye catch up with the man and begin to have a conversation with him. His name is Boyd.

Gavri`el and John approach the conversation.

Gavri`el and Bullseye notice that Boyd begins to sweat.

Gavri`el interrogates Boyd, who is he, does he know Tracy, but the man does not give Gavri`el any meaningful information and it is obvious he is afraid of Gavri`el.

Beau heads of to the Land Claims Office.

Bullseye and Killian head off to the closest saloon, the Alhambra to search for Pauley.

Gavri`el goes to visit Gustav Lafleur.

John goes back home to work on his magic items.

Bullseye and Killian do not find anyone who knows Pauley.

Beau checks at the Land Claims Office for information on Pauley’s claim. After bribing the clerk, he gets information on the location of Pauley’s claim.

Gavri`el arrives at Gustav’s place. Asks him about the vision that he has had at the church. Gustav tells him from a quick interpretation of the dream that Tracy Pauley appears to be an every man and he feels that the demon character was shown to be breaking down the faith of the flock of the church in Deadwood.

Beau heads to the Nutall saloon.

Killian and Bullseye also head to the Nutall.

Gavri`el heads to the Nutall after leaving Gustav’s place.

The posse shares the information that each has found out with each other. They eat dinner.

After dinner, they head for Pauley’s tent.

Gavri`el goes up to the tent and pulls back the flap.

Killian watches the back of the tent.

Bullseye keeps an eye on the other prospectors who are cooking their food on a nearby communal fire.

Beau backs up Gavri`el.

When Killian begins to enter the tent, a few of the prospectors nearby object. They tell the posse that Tracy is a good guy but they haven’t seen him for the past day.

John and Bullseye notice that as the sun starts to set for the day, it seems to be growing darker than normal.

John suggests the posse go to see Swift.

Posse overhears Swift talking with Wild Bill. The two are at the Marshall’s office and as they exit, they run into the posse.

The posse begins to discuss the extra darkness with Bill and Swift and John after observing Gavri`el, he comes to the conclusion that some thing is happening to Gavri`el. He mentions that he has spotted that Gavri`el’s cloths have lost their luster and appear duller.

Bullseye climbs up the nearby boarding house to check out the surrounding area. While looking toward the west, he notices the tree spirit beyond the edge of town.

Swift surmises that the increase in darkness, aka evil, could also result in the loss of good faith of the more religious members of Deadwood.

The posse suggests going in search of the tree spirit to deal with that threat, of course if there’s some kind of reward, to which Swift mentions that he could probably come up with something.

Swift grants each member of the posse except Bullseye with Darkvision, warning them to return to Deadwood in about 8 hours as that’s how long they’ll be able to see in the dark.

Posse heads out into the forest in search of the tree spirit. They find Tracy’s body in much the same condition as to the body they had found the earlier that day.

Ben, David, Jeff, Mike M. and Patrick get 3 fate points.

The Tree Spirit at High Noon

September 12, 1876 – night

The posse is currently in the Nutall Saloon.

Richards enters the bar and gets a drink.

John casts Detect Undead and does not detect any.

Gavri`el casts Bless Water on Richards’ drink and creates Holy Water.

Richard’s pitches a fit that his whiskey tastes like water.

Bar tender replaces his drink.

Richards’ picks up a saloon girl and after an hour leaves the bar with her.

Gavri`el follows him after casting Invisibility on himself.

Bullseye also follows Richards.

Gavri`el casts Silence and flies after Richards.

Bullseye hurries ahead and climbs up Mollie Johnson’s boarding house.

Richards enters the Rio Grande Hotel.

Gavri`el begins looking in windows of the Rio Grande.

Bullseye jumps to the Rio Grande roof then repels down the building’s side.

Gavri`el goes around to the front of the building, then sees Bullseye standing in front of a window.

Gavri`el hovers close to the balcony, the Silence spell effects Bullseye.

Gavri`el cancels the spell after landing on the porch.

Bullseye tells Gavri`el, “He’s in there.” Motions to be quiet.

Gavri`el points to his sword and smiles.

They listen to the sounds of moaning coming from the room.

Deputy Swift shows up and tells the two to leave. After trying to hide from Swift, he finds them anyway and so they decide to leave.

Gavri`el and Bullseye head back to the saloon.

Gavri`el sits at the bar.

Bullseye tells the posse what he and Gavri`el found at Richards’ room.

Posse hangs out in the saloon.

Bullseye realizes he left his rope and grappling hook at the Rio Grande. Retrieves his equipment then goes to the western edge of town.

Spots a set of eyes deep in the woods watching him. Goes to investigate, moves deeper into the woods.

While watching the creature, it obviously moved closer to him and he’s gets the feeling he shouldn’t be there.

Bullseye goes back to the saloon to tell the posse about what he saw.

September 13, 1876

Posse except for John goes to the Nutall for breakfast.

John works on magic items.

Deputy Swift comes into the Nutall and asks the posse to investigate a body found at the edge of town.


Bullseye searches the area around the body and finds tracks which lead away from the body and to a tree, no tracks can be found heading away from the tree.

Gavri`el senses that the body has been defiled. Also that the dead man’s spirit will not rest until the tree spirit which killed him is dispatched. But is sure that consecrating the ground where the body rests will bind the spirit there.

Bullseye goes to get John and the two get Father Pena. Father Pena consecrates the ground.

Bullseye investigates the area to see if he can see where the tree spirit came from. He then tells Deputy Swift what he has discovered.

Ben, Jeff, Mike M. and Patrick get 3 fate points.

Meet Bullseye at High Noon

September 12, 1876

John buys 4 spells, then creates some wooden stakes.

John heads to the Rio Grande Hotel & Cafe, bribes the desk clerk to see what room Richard’s is in. Goes to his room, casts Detect Undead, sees none, casts Clairvoyance, sees that Richard’s room is empty.

Bullseye is sitting down in the lobby of the Rio Grande, sees John come in talk to the clerk and go upstairs.

John notices Bullseye in the lobby as he leaves the hotel.

Bullseye goes to talk to with Deputy Swift, gets told about the posse. Heads towards John’s house.

John heads to James’ house to check out information about old magic.

John asks James if he knows what Swift is. John asks if he knows what Gustave is. Informs James that spells don’t work around Swift.

Bullseye is greeted by Beau at John’s house. Asks to join the posse. Is told by Beau that he will ask John.

Bullseye heads back to the Rio Grande and leaves a note that he’ll be in the Comique Variety Hall & Saloon.

John goes home and is told by Beau that Bullseye came by.

Bullseye goes to the Comique Variety Hall & Saloon and talks with the bartender. Asks about strange happenings in town. Is told about the Hanging Judge and the Vampire. Asks about Deputy Swift and is told that he is a good guy, and that he protects the town. Also states that there have been zombies near town and at least 1 werewolf in town.

John arrives at the saloon and walks up to Bullseye.

John says, “You were looking for us?”

Bullseye says, “Who are you?”

John interviews Bullseye.

Jeff and Patrick get 2 Fate points.

Meet Killian Keogh at High Noon

September 10, 1876 – Evening at the Nutall saloon.

Posse is in the saloon and notices a new performer playing the piano. After his set, Killian comes over to the posse’s table and is invited to sit.

A black suited man comes into the saloon and is noticed by the posse. Goes over to the bar and after ordering a drink, begins talking to a soiled dove. Gavri`el casts Zone of Truth in the saloon.

Asks in a loud voice if anyone has evil intent, raise their hand. No one raises their hand. He then asks if anyone is a demon or devil, to raise their hand, again no one does.

A group of 6 prospectors comes over to the table after figuring out that Gavri`el had cast the spell and 2 of them start a fight with Gavri`el.

Gavri`el goes to draw his sword. The 6 prospectors draw their pistols.

John casts Wall of Force between themselves and the prospectors.

Beau grapples Gavri`el.

Two of the prospectors get shots off which ricochet off the Wall of Force.

Gavri`el manages to cast Lightning Bolt, which ricochets off the Wall of Force.

The prospectors flee the bar and everyone begins to calm down.

John buys a round of whiskey for the bar.

A few moments later, Deputy Swift comes into the bar.

Swift has a short talk with the posse, then leaves.

Gavri`el notices that the man in black is no longer at the bar and the soiled dove isn’t to be found either.

September 11, 1876

Beau heads for breakfast, but sees a crowd and heads there instead.

Killian is also headed for breakfast and sees the same crowd. He joins Beau.

They see that the crowd is around a body on the ground. They notice it is the soiled dove who was talking with the man in black from the night before.

Beau and Killian see that there are puncture wounds on her neck and that she is extremely pale.

They hang back while learning that the Marshal has been called and wait for a lawman to arrive.

Wild Bill shows up and mentions that she was killed by a vampire.

Perry Beasley shows up and takes the body away. Wild Bill goes with Beasley to make sure the body is properly taken care of.

Beau and Killian head for the Nutall saloon.

Gavri`el also heads for the Nutall for breakfast.

After eating, the three head to visit Deputy Swift. They tell Swift what they know about the death of the girl.

The three then head to John’s house.

Beau and Killian research about the vampire, checking out the spot where the body was found.

Beau and Killian tell John & Gavri`el about what the found.

Later that evening, Beau, Gavri`el and Killian go to the Nutall saloon to see if the man in black is there.

Henry Richards is sitting at the bar chatting with another soiled dove.

The three sit at a table and watches Henry.

After an hour, he leaves the bar with the dove. The posse considers whether to follow him or not.

Beau tells Gavri`el and Killian to stay in the bar while he follows them. The couple crosses to the other side of the street.

Beau follows but stays on the same side of the street.

Beau stops to chat with the deputy. Asks what info about the vampire would be worth to the sheriff.

Beau sees them go into a hotel. Beau heads back to the saloon fills in the group.

Ben, David, Mike M and Patrick get 3 Fate points.

Of Deputies and Hanging Judges at High Noon

September 7, 1876

Gavri`el picks up his armor.

Gavri`el visits the church to find out if there is anything odd going on.

John visits Deputy Swift to discuss their confrontation with the Hanging Judge. Finds out that the only way to permanently put down a Hanging Judge is to hang them.

Gavri`el goes to visit Papa Mamba’s grave. Finds out that it has not been disturbed. Decides to consecrate it.

September 9, 1876

John finishes stage one on his work on magic items.

Gavri`el studies his lore books.

September 10, 1876

John goes to pick up information on any new bounties.

John goes to speak with Banla, but Gavri`el is also there.

Beau is sent by John to investigate the Tuckers. Finds out that they have sold their farm. The family consists of Johnny Tucker, father, Norma Tucker, mother, Jimmy Tucker, the eldest son, Wanda Tucker, the eldest daughter, Dorothy Tucker, the youngest daughter and William Tucker, the now youngest son. Ronnie Tucker, who the posse kilt while he was a werewolf in Deadwood was previously the youngest son.

Mike M and Patrick get 2 Fate points.

Meet Doc Deadwood at High Noon

Doc Deadwood arrives in Deadwood and heads to the sheriff’s office for wanted posters.

John heads to the sheriff’s office for wanted posters.

The two meet at the office and decide to go bounty hunting.

John summons a horse, Doc gets his from the stable. They ride to Rapid City.

September 2, 1876

Arrive in Sturgis, stay the night.

September 4, 1876 – mid day

They arrive in Wall, South Dakota.

Doc stables his horse, tries to get info about Kenneth C. but has no luck.

Asks a patron at The Rusty Nail Saloon, if he knows where Kenneth C. is and is told that he is at the Silver Lode.

Upon arriving at the Silver Lode, Doc and John both see Kenneth at a table playing poker.

John lassos Kenneth and pulls him to the floor, Doc kicks Kenneth in the head which staggers him.

John ties up Kenneth and then teleports all of them back to Deadwood.

It is an interesting experience for Doc, who hasn’t really ever been that close to magic before, but sees how useful it can be.

The two turn in Kenneth and get the reward.

Rich and Patrick get 3 Fate points.

The Hanging Judge at High Noon

On the evening of August 28th, Gavri`el and John notice that the sky seems darker.

Gavri`el visits Father Dennis L. Pena to discuss the darkness. The Father says he believes stronger evil is coming.

Gavri`el visits Tomas Hodges and asks about the darkness. Hodges doesn’t really have an explanation of the phenomena.

Gavri`el goes to find Banla.

August 29, 1876

Gavri`el goes to the Nutall & Mann’s Saloon No. 10 with Banla and finds Beau there. Tells Beau that he is going to visit Gustave Lafleur.

Gavri`el teleports infront of Gustave’s house and knocks on the front door. Is brought in to the foyer by the butler and told to wait while he gets Gustave. Gustave arrives 5 minutes later.

Gavri`el speaks with Gustave about the darkness. Gustave also says that he believes stronger evil is coming.

Gavri`el teleports back to Deadwood.

Gavri`el talks to Beau about deputy Swift being gone.

Gavri`el talks to the Nutall bartender, Father Pena and undertaker Perry H. Beasley asking if they have noticed an increase in vermin in town.

Also asks the undertaker if he has taken notice of anything weird. If he knows that the deputy is missing. This is the first the undertaker has heard that Swift was gone. Also asks if the undertaker things the deputy being gone has made it darker. Undertaker has no idea.

Gavri`el goes to visit Sheriff Adamo. Asks the sheriff if he knows what the deputy is doing. Is told that Swift is off visiting relatives. Also asks if the sheriff has noticed anything odd. The sheriff says that he hasn’t noticed anything. Asks the sheriff if he ever leaves the office, to which the sheriff replies, of course.

Gavri`el goes back to the Nutall, gets some food and hangs out. Goes outside as the sun starts to set. Notices that the day didn’t seem as bright as it usually is. Also notices that it seems darker at night.

Gavri`el goes looking for John Running Bear, finds him in the Indian Head Saloon. Asks him if he knows about the darkness. John Running Bear only knows that great evil is usually surrounded by darkness.

Gavri`el finds another indian in the bar and asks him about the darkness and if he knows anything about Deputy Swift. This indian does not.

Gavri`el goes on patrol in the town.

At about 10 P.M., Gavri`el begins to feel a little more jumpy. Goes back to the Nutall. Talks with Beau, finds out that Beau is also feeling jumpy as well as Banla.

About 10:30 P.M. Gavri`el goes back to his room.

At mid-night Gavri`el is awoken by a bad feeling. He wakes up Banla as well.

Once outside, Gavri`el listens, hears nothing out of the ordinary, but Banla hears more than just the usual goings on at night, he also hears screams of terror.

John is awoken to the sounds of gunshots.

Gavri`el and John arrive on main street and see a Hanging Judge meeting out justice to the people of Deadwood.

Gavri`el casts protection from evil on himself.

Banla goes to start freeing people who have already been hanged by the judge.

John stands his ground trying to decide what he is seeing and what to do next.

The Hanging Judge notices Gavri`el and immediately moves toward him, saying, “I find you guilty of wanton destruction of your Father’s property!”

Gavri`el hits the Hanging Judge with his sword but notices nothing happens to the judge.

John casts Holy Smite at the judge, but the spell doesn’t seem to work.

The judge tries to lasso Gavri`el with a noose but misses.

Gavri`el casts Destruction on the judge but again the spell doesn’t seem to have an effect.

Beau shoots the judge with a cold iron slug, but that has no effect.

John reloads his gun with a silver bullet.

The Hanging Judge again tries to lasso Gavri`el, while continuing to say “Guilty of wanton destruction!”, Gavri`el manages to dodge the noose.

Gavri`el changes from his sword to his pistol.

John shoots the judge with his silver bullet but it has no effect.

Deputy Marshal George E. Morgan shows up and shoots at the judge, but misses.

Hanging Judge tries to lasso Gavri`el, but Gavri`el again manages to dodge.

Gavri`el switches from his pistol to a vial of holy water.

John moves away from the combat.

George Morgan manages to hit the judge, which has a noticeable effect.

Hanging Judge tries to lasso Gavri`el, but Gavri`el manages to dodge.

Gavri`el splashes the judge with his holy water, but it has no effect.

John casts True Seeing and looks at the shootout.

George Morgan misses his next shot.

The Hanging Judge misses with his next throw.

Gavri`el shoots the judge again, but nothing happens.

John holds his action.

George Morgan hits with his next shot and puts the judge down.

Banla has managed to save all of the town’s folk who were being hanged. Other lawmen show up and the body of the judge is turned over to the undertaker. The posse figures out that the Deputy Marshal’s pistol was the only thing that managed to hurt the judge because it was a lawman’s gun.

August 31, 1876 – Thursday

In the morning Deputy Swift comes back into town. It is also found out that the Hanging Judge’s body is missing from the Undertaker’s.

Mike M. and Patrick get 4 Fate points.

Beau and John go Bounty Hunting at High Noon

August 28, 1876

Beau and John decide to hunt a few bounties that they have in Deadwood.

Go to Yves Cloutier’s tent.

Beau looks in the tent to see who’s there but due to the darkness of the tent, doesn’t see anyone. He heads around to the back side of the tent.

John walks closer to the entrance of the tent, looking inside. He sees Yves and tries to lasso him, but misses.

Yves dashes out the front, John tries to clothes line him as he passes by, but Yves ducks under John’s arm.

Beau runs around the front of the tent and tries to lasso Yves but misses.

Beau starts chasing Yves, yelling for Yves to stop and surrender, pulling out one of his shotguns.

Yves pulls out a pistol. Beau shoots his shotgun, hitting Yves in the arm, causing him to drop his pistol. Beau continues to yell for Yves to stop and surrender.

John teleports in front of Yves to again clothes line him, but misses. Yves seeing he is outmatched surrenders at this point.

They take him to the Sheriff’s office and on arriving notice that Deputy Swift is not sitting in his usual place. They ask the Sheriff about it and are told that Swift is out of town on personal business. The sheriff pays them the $400 bounty on Yves.

Beau and John then go to Eugene Gustafson’s tent.

John goes around to the back of the tent this time.

Beau approaches the front of the tent which has the flap closed. He calls out to Eugene, Eugene doesn’t answer but Beau can hear that someone is in the tent.

John tries to knock down the back tent pole to collapse the tent but doesn’t hit it hard enough to knock the pole down.

Beau goes to the side of the tent and shoots his shotgun, loaded with rock salt. He hits Eugene, who screams and discharges his shotgun and falls down inside the tent.

Beau and John tie up Eugene and take him to the Sheriff’s office for the bounty.

Patrick and Ben get 3 Fate points.

The Angel and the Demon Consorter at the Fouquet Mine at High Noon

August 25, 1876 – Friday

Gavri’el turns invisible after lunch to follow the miners back in to the Fouquet Mine. Goes inside with the workers, waits till they all ride the elevator down, then casts Silence on himself and flies down the mine shaft.

Finds that the Voodoo Shrine in the mine has had all of the Voodoo paraphernalia removed.

Returns to the surface and begins to investigate the house. Looks in the windows of the house while invisible, starting with the upstairs rooms, then moves down to the first floor rooms. When he looks in the dinning room, he see Gustave Lafleur who suddenly seems to notice Gavri’el.

Gavri’el ends his silence spell to listen in on what Gustave says. Gustave casts Invisibility Purge, which Gavri’el attempts to counter, but he fails.

During his attempt to counter, Gavri’el becomes aware of another spiritual presence tied to Guastave.

Gavri’el ends his invisibility spell, then speaks with Gustave. Asks if he is the master of Papa Mamba. Is told by Gustave that he is a humble servant of Baron LaCroix, as was Papa Mamba.

Gavri’el questions if the Baron knew what Papa Mamba was doing and is informed that the Baron knows all the transpires with his servants.

Gavri’el then goes back to where Smitty has been observing the property and the two return to Deadwoon.

Gavri’el spends August 26 and 27 in town reading his books and patrolling the town.

Smitty spends August 26 and 27 gambling.

On the morning of August 28, Gavri’el notices that Deputy Swift is not sitting outside the Sheriff’s office in his usual place.

Mike M gets 3 Fate Points.

Why Wuz That Balrog There at High Noon?

August 25, 1876 – Friday

Beau chats with James J. Clemens about the cave where the Balrog was found. Clemens theorizes the place was a cross over from the Fey world and the Balrog had been stuck there since the Ghost Dance.

Beau plans on going on a 4 day bender. Gets the money he is carrying stolen on day 3.

August 28, 1876 – Monday

Beau recovers from his drinking.

John has been working on magic item crafting for the past few days.

Ben and Patrick get 3 Fate Points.


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