Deadwood Deacon

Touch the Clouds at High Noon, Part 2
Many Little Indians

5 of the Indians from Touch the Clouds camp arrive to attack Beau, Jasper and John, while 3 arrive to attack Smitty on the opposite of the camp.

The posse defeats the all of the Indians, but 2 manage to escape. The posse loots the bodies.

The posse heads back to the Indian village, arrive by nightfall. Camp for the night near the village.

Touch the Clouds bow, which contains by a Manitou spirit, talks to both John and Jasper, asking them to help it. Jasper throws the bow into the posse’s camp fire, which releases the spirit, to return to Hell.

July 16, 1876 – Sunday

The posse heads back toward Deadwood, after a day’s travel camp for the night. Jasper and Smitty gamble a little. Beau notices that Touch the Clouds’ bindings have become loose. He reties the bindings.

July 17, 1876 – Monday

Posse continues toward Deadwood, after that day’s travel, camp for the night. Beau notices that Touch the Clouds’ bindings are loose again. He reties the bindings again.

July 18, 1876 – Tuesday

Arrive at Deadwood, and turn in Touch the Clouds to Deputy Swift. Stay the night in a boarding house.

Ben, Patrick, Mike R and Ashton get 3 fate points

Touch the Clouds at High Noon, Part 1
See Touch the Clouds

Posse gives body to Smitty’s cousin, after asking about the other bounties in the Fey realm, they return to the Human realm.

Beau leads the party toward where Touch the Clouds is last known to have been. As they ride away from Dr. Stein’s cave, they notice Indian totems above the cave.

The totems form a circle, posse ascertains that this is the location of some kind of ceremony.

July 14, 1876 – Friday

Beau leads the posse to an Indian village. The posse rides up peacefully to the village. Have a conversation with the tribal leaders and get Black Bear to help them. The Indians don’t want anything to do with Touch the Clouds because he is consorting with Manitous.

The posse camps outside of the village in the woods, nothing happens during the night.

July 15, 1876 – Saturday

Head northwest toward where Touch the Clouds should be. Black Bear follows tracks from Touch the Clouds. 5 hours to find the tracks which lead after 6 more hours to the camp of Touch the Clouds. Since it is getting dark, the posse decides to camp a safe distance away.

July 16, 1876 – Sunday

Posse breaks camp, then moves toward Touch the Cloud’s camp.

Get into a fight with Touch the Clouds and his braves. Find out that Touch the Clouds has been touched by a Manitou and has amazing abilities because of that touch.

Travels by jumping from his camp and engages the posse, but the posse manages to knock him out.

Smitty, who separated himself from the posse, tries to cast his invisibility spell but fails.

Ben, Patrick, Mike R. and Ashton get 4 fate points.

The Monster at High Noon, Part 2
Something Big Goes Bump in the Cave!

John teleports the lightning gun to him.

Dr. Frank N Stein heals himself.

Igor starts dragging Dr. Stein away.

Jasper shoots Igor in the back.

A giant rises from the table in the center of the room having been animated by Dr. Stein.

Jasper manages to kill the giant with 2 well placed shots, with some help from Beau and John.

During the fight, the giant manages to slam Jasper with a good hit. Luckily, being a dwarf, Jasper survives the attack.

The posse, after ransacking the lab, continues to explore the cave system. They find a natural portal to the Fey realm. Going through, the exit a cave in the Fey realm and meet with Smitty.

Smitty was sent to find out why people were going missing in the Fey realm.

The posse head back to Dr. Stein’s lab, find out that several of the zombies were actually Fey. The get the horses, go back through to the Fey side.

Ben, Patrick, Mike R and Ashton get 3 fate points

The Monster at High Noon, Part 1
Meet Dr. Frank N. Stein

July 11, 1876 – Tuesday

Posse rides to Deadwood, arrive at night fall.

Jasper sells ox and buys a pony, puts the wagon and his trade tools in storage.

Posse heads to saloon to find out if there are rumors about Touch the Clouds.

Hear a couple of trappers mention that one had seen him to the northwest of Deadwood.

Jasper asks the trappers if the Indians like Touch the Clouds or not. They tell him that the Indian’s will support Touch the Clouds because he is after all an Indian.

July 12, 1876 – Wednesday

Buy a week’s worth of trail rations. Head west for the zombie cave.

After the first day of travel, posse follows the correct path.

That night a bear wanders into camp. Jasper hears the bear approaching camp.

Jasper gives the bear some jerky, builds the fire up and drives the bear away.

July 13, 1876 – Thursday

About mid-day, Connor is sure they should have arrived, but haven’t.

After 2 more hours, the posse happens upon a cave. Every one but Beau spots a large number of foot prints at the entrance.

The posse enters the cave, with Connor carrying the lantern.

First the enter a large cavern with an opening to the left. Enter the tunnel and see light up ahead. There is another cavern, a little larger than the first one. The posse can tell that this cavern is someone’s home.

Jasper stands guard in the second opening to the cave, John and Connor stand guard in the opening they entered from while Beau searches the desk.

Beau takes 10 complete sets of blue-prints and a journal, bound in human skin.

The posse heads further into the cave, down the next tunnel.

The posse arrives at a sturdy door. Jasper opens the door while Beau and John get ready to attack whatever is on the other side. Beau and John hear the crackle of electricity and movement ahead.

The posse enters another large cavern, with lots of Steam Punk style equipment in it. There are a number of zombies inside along with Dr. Frank N Stein, Igor and on a large table in the center of the room, there is a large figure under a sheet.

There are two other entrances to this cavern, one directly across from where the party entered and one on the left hand side of the cavern.

A fight erupts, during the fight Jasper gets shot by Dr. Stein’s lighting gun.

The posse destroys all of the zombies, and John manages to shoot Dr. Stein in the chest.

Beau manages to heal Jasper.

Ben, Patrick, Mike R. and Zachariah get 3 fate points

The J Bar S Saloon at High Noon
Meet Jasper Smudge

July 10, 1876 – Monday

Beau, John and Connor continue toward Sturgis, arriving at 12 noon.

Meet Jasper at the J Bar S Saloon.

Head to Kisslingers at 1:00 P.M. Explains what the items are and buys them.

Bounties -
Stephen Salvato – wanted for breaking out of jail, $50 reward.

Bennie Mayo – wanted for murder of William Villarreal, $100 reward.

William R. Dickerson – wanted for horse theft, $50 reward.

Talk with sheriff’s deputy about the three bounties. Find out that Bennie lives about a mile out of town.

Head out to the trail to Bennie’s place, at 4:25 P.M. in the evening.

Bennie notices Beau in the trees as he spies on Bennie’s house.

The posse pretends that Jasper’s ox has lost a shoe and get allowed to stay the night at Bennie’s place. Connor and John allowed to stay inside, Beau and Jasper stay out side.

The plan is to have Connor throw a blanket at Bennie to distract him.

Jasper intermediates Bennie into freezing and disarms him to capture him. Jasper ties him up and then reshoes the ox. The posse heads back to town.

Ransack Bennie’s place, take lantern, pots and pans, food and weapons. Return to Sturgis, turn Bennie over to the sheriff’s deputy.

Ben, Patrick, Mike R, Zachariah get 3 fate points.

Zombies at High Noon
Meet Connor O'Rourke

Connor O’Rourke shows up at the shack and Beau and John let him in.

A storm approaches about an hour later.

Steampunk zombies approach the cabin. Connor shoots 1 in the head but notices it does little damage to the creature.

Beau shoots 1 in the chest which seems to do more damage.

John shoots 1 in the leg, which while slowing it down, doesn’t seem to affect it much.

Posse continues to fight the zombies.

Connor throws have of the Ghost Rock he is carrying through the window.

Beau and John work together and John casts a ward on the front wall of the shack.

Group finally defeats the zombies. Connor retrieves his horse and scavenges $96 worth of parts from the zombies.

The rest of the night passes uneventfully.

July 7th, 1876 – Friday

Beau navigates the posse back to Deadwood. They collect the bounty on Ignatz.

Connor goes to the preacher to ask about a zombie body that he has brought with him. Then he goes to the undertaker to get drawings made of the body. The undertaker sends him to Fly’s Photographic Studio, who makes the draws he’s asking for.

While speaking with Fly, he tells Connor about a weird scientist, Professor Julian Kisslinger, who lives in Sturgis. Connor pays Fly $2 for the drawings.

Spoke with James J. Clemens a wizard living in Deadwood and found out the following facts about supernatural creatures.

  • Werewolf – silver only thing that damages them.
  • Vampire – blessed wooden stake only way to kill them.
  • Demons – cold iron only thing that damages them.
  • Wendigo – iron, steel and silver are the only things that damage them.
  • Ghost – salt and iron will dissipate them temporarily, salting and burning the remains destroys them.
  • Voodoo Zombies – salt in the mouth is the only way to destroy them, but burning works sometimes also.
  • Plague Zombies – head shot is the only way to destroy them.

July 8th, 1876 – Saturday

Posse heads for Sturgis. Around noon they happen upon a pair of ruined wagons, 6 horses are nearby, 2 men are on the horses, 4 men scavenging the wagons.

Posse searches the area nearby, find the remains of a golem and lots of tracks. Follow the tracks away from the road. After following the trail for 5 1/2 hours, camp for the night.

July 9th, 1876 – Sunday

They follow the tracks to a cave in the mountains. They enter the cave.

Beau makes 7 torches, they light them and enter the cave. They head down the right tunnel.

After traveling 100 yards, they enter a really large cavern. There is a ramp that heads down to the left. Reach the cavern floor.

After traveling 150 yards around the edge of the large cavern, it begins to curve to the right. After traveling another 90 yards, they begin to head straight again. After traveling another 130 yards, reach another ramp heading up.

John throws a torch into the center of the cavern, the floor is lower, forming a shallow pit, which is has a number of animal skeletons in it.

The posse heads up the ramp. Goes up 50 feet and at the top, there is another tunnel in the side of the cave wall. 50 feet into the tunnel is a set of double iron bound wooden doors.

John checks the door for traps, finds none. They find out that this is a vampire lair. They leave quickly back the way they came.

Spend the night at the wagon attack area.

Ben, Patrick and Zachariah get 3 fate points

The New Posse at High Noon
Bounty Hunters

While turning in Ben Finger, the posse sees a wanted poster for Papa Mamba, $250. He is wanted alive for dealing in the dark arts and killing prospectors.

Head to Vassily’s General Store to find out about the robbery. It is owned by Vassily Bogomolov.

The posse heads west looking for Ignatz Lemming. Start following a stream to find the prospector camp he should be at.

Run into Simon Lewerenz, a German prospector, who is a few miles from town.

Run into Jaylen Rakes, Lyall Rollins, Randy Moses, Bryan Kidd, Alex Harbin, Brady Burdick, some American prospectors who are working a claim 10 miles to the west of Deadwood.

Continue 5 more miles west to the Lemming homestead. A cabin sits on a rise above the stream with prospecting equipment down by the stream. Cabin is somewhat run down.

Around 2 P.M., some kids come out of the cabin and start playing. 10 minutes later they call out for their father.

The posse captures Ignatz with little incident and takes him back toward Deadwood.

Heading back to town, Beau gets lost. At night fall, the posse run across a shack and bed down for the night.

Beau heads back along the way they came to hide their trail.

John attempts to ward the door but fails.

Ben and Patrick get 3 fate points.

Deadwood South Dakota at High Noon
We're The New Guys

July 6th, 1876 – Thursday

John Ruger and Beau arrive in Deadwood at high noon. John has 3 wanted posters, Touch the Clouds, Grunt the Orc and Ben Wade. They head into the Stockman Saloon and order lunch and a whiskey.

Hear about what has been happening in the area.

Head over to the church to find out what had happened there with the windows being shot out. A pair of workers are repairing one of the windows. The new preacher explains that a supernatural creature shot out all of the windows and now they’re being repaired.

Find a bounty for Ben “Sticky” Arnett Finger, $20 wanted alive. He is wanted because he jumped Sylas Gibson’s claim. He is know to hang out with Whistle Berries.

Bounty for Ignatz Marshal Lemming, $50 for robbing the general store.

They catch Ben Finger and get paid the $20.

Vampires Will Be The Death Of You!

July 5th 1876 – Wednesday

Begin to explore the vampire lair. They find and set off a trap that fills the room with water, but manage to break out of the room and turn off the trap.

Run into a group of wolves that inhabit the lair.

Fight with some human thralls which take care of the vampires.

Run into the vampires and begin a firefight. Manage to take down a few of the vampires, before the fight begins to go in the favor of the vampires. Grunt sets off all of the dynamite he is carrying, killing all the members of the posse accept Slade, who manages to survive the massive explosion and cave-in.

Now We're Desperadoes

While in a saloon, the posse gets into a fight with some of Bed Wade’s gang members. The local town marshal and deputies show up, the posse kills them and the gang members. One member of the gang is a demon who manages to escape.

Break into undertakers and Grunt leaves $10.50 to bury the bodies. Trace leaves $5.00 to fix the window and door that they damaged breaking in. They load the bodies into the hearse and then head back to the undertakers.

Gavri-el leaves the posse as he can’t condone the slaughter that the posse seems to have no problem doing.

Jim, Trace and Grunt get 4 soiled doves for the night at the marshal’s office.

June 19th 1876 – Monday

Head to undertakers and Trace pays to bury the bodies.

Head to the general store to buy dynamite. Grunt buys 10 sticks, everyone stocks up on trail rations, they get 50 days worth.

Head to the bar and give the owner extra money to pay for the damage from the fight the night before.

Go to a different saloon to eat breakfast since the one were the fight took place was closed for business.

At 8:00 the posse heads to the stage depot to accompany the money wagon. Were informed that due to the fight last night, the wagon left 1 hour earlier.

At 9:30 the posse catches up with the wagon. They are told that their services are no longer needed. This was because of the fight the night before. They are told that they’ll need to get any pay that they are owed from the clerk at the depot.

They continue on to Rapid City, beating the wagon there.

They continue through town and on the outskirts of town, run into ‘catwoman’, she joins the posse.

June 20th, 1876 – Tuesday

The posse ambushes the money wagon and during the firefight, kill all of the occupants. The posse suffers 1 casualty, the ‘catwoman’ manages to get into the back of the money wagon after one of Professor Hurdenflington’s lightning grenades sets off all of the ammo for the Gatling gun. That acrobatic move ends her life as she is torn to pieces by all of the flying lead. The Gatling gun is complete destroyed as well.

The payroll contains $5,000, which the posse takes after managing to break into the wagon.

They head west toward Deadwood after hiding the money wagon in the wild.

Sell the gear in Deadwood, get rooms till the 28th, bathing and liquor and supplies.

Get soiled doves each night.

On the first night, Grunt plays in a game of cards.

June 21st, 1876 – Wednesday

William H. Benny joins the posse.

Posse does very little over the next few days, waiting for Grunt’s vest to come in and not wanting to attract undo attention.

June 28th, 1876 – Wednesday

Grunt gets his vest from Pierre’s.

July 1st, 1876 – Saturday

Posse rides out for a place they have heard about called Draghi Resto. Supposed to be a place where outlaws hang out.

July 2nd, 1876 – Sunday

Arrive at Sturgis, head to a saloon.

In the saloon, two soiled doves join the posse. During the night, one of the soiled doves, an Orc woman, tries to steal some of Grunts money.

July 3rd, 1876 – Monday

The posse rides out of Sturgis and come back to town that evening.

Encounter the Orc soiled dove in the saloon. During the encounter, have a firefight in the saloon. They leave Sturgis right after the firefight.

July 4th, 1876 – Tuesday

Continue to ride toward Draghi Resto. Don’t really know where it is located, just have a general direction.

During their search, they run across an old trail, which they follow up into the mountains. Find a cave system in the mountains. They begin exploring the cave and find a really large cavern, which has lots of bugs crawling on the floor.

Spend the night near the entrance of the caves and at daybreak, a large number of vampire bats attack the posse as they are returning to roost. The posse manage to drive off the bats.

They continue to search the cave system and find a vampire lair!


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