Deadwood Deacon

The Rightful Owners

June 11, 1876

Trace rides out from Deadwood to the mine and informs the posse that the Goblins have a claim on the mine. Also, that Grunt never made it out of the mine after the fight.

Jim tells the posse that they need to go get Grunt from the Goblins.

Trace, Jim and Gavri-el head down into the mine to free Grunt. They give 40 lbs of Ghost Rock to the Goblins for Grunt’s return, promising them that they’ll give them the other 40 lbs they have once the posse gets back to the surface.

Trace shoots the 4 Goblins who accompanied the posse back to the surface, in the back, killing 3 of them. The 4th one is incapacitated, but soon dispatched as well.

They ride back to Deadwood, disposing of the Goblin bodies along the way.

June 12, 1876

The posse heads to Pierre’s to sell the Ghost Rock. Each member gets 12 lbs of Ghost Rock. Grunt pays off the rest he owed on the bullet proof vest.

Jim pays $1200 toward his own vest. He still owes another $600. Vest will show up on July 1, 1876.

Go to the saloon for lunch. Deputy Swift talks with the posse about their stolen badges and stolen horses. Gets the badges from the posse and money to pay for the horses.

Professor Hurdenflington Hurblenburf introduces himself to the posse and joins up.

Trace heads to sheriff’s office, pays off the debt, checks wanted posters and gets 2 new wanted posters.

Posse spends the rest of the day resting and recovering in Deadwood.

June 13, 1876

Posse heads toward Sturgis. During the ride, 5 Carcajou attack them from ambush.

The posse defeats the 5 Carcajou and continue on to Sturgis.

Go to saloon in Sturgis, to drink and carouse.

Grunt, Jim and Trace spend the night with soiled doves. Professor Hurdenflington brews potions.

More Rootin Tootin Shootin Goblins

Posse climbs down into the lowest level of the mine and the next chamber they enter is a Goblin guard room. They manage to defeat the 6 Goblins on duty there. Slade is badly injured during the fire fight.

While traveling down the tunnel after that first room, the posse runs into reinforcements from the next guard room who have come to help the first group.

Posse defeats those Goblin guards and continue through the tunnel. Come to a 4 way intersect where they hear mining sounds coming from straight ahead.

Follow the tunnel to the mining area and kill off the guards. Chase off the Goblin miners and pack up 100 lbs of Ghost Rock. Follow the tracks of the Goblin miners to the 4 way intersection and see that they have headed to the right, which is East.

While traveling further along the tunnel, the posse realizes that they have traveled from the mine into a natural tunnel. After following the tunnel further, they come to an extremely huge natural cavern. The roof of which is out of view.

Heading across the cavern floor is a line of torches. Following the torches, the posse sees a large artificial wall spanning the cavern ahead. Numerous Goblins can be seen atop the wall.

A large Cave Troll with a fighting platform attached to its shoulders with a Gatling gun and crew stands before the massive gate of the fortress.

During a major battle between the posse and the Goblins, Grunt incapacitates the Cave Troll, Slade kills the gunner of the Gatling gun and the rest of the posse kills or wounds a number of Goblins.

Grunt becomes incapacitated as well during the fight with the Cave Troll and the Goblins capture him.

While attempting to come to Grunt’s aid, Slade falls through a whole in the cavern floor and into an underground river. The river deposits him outside the mountain, 4 days walk from Deadwood to the South West. During his second day of walking, a prospector returning to Deadwood picks him up.

Trace, Jim and Gavri-el retreat back out of the cavern.

Trace heads back to Deadwiid and learns that the Goblins are the current owners of the mine.

Deeper into Lucky Pete's

Posse continues west in the mine, finding an abandoned store room and a recently mined area.

Continue past the store room and find a piece of Ghost Rock on the ground and Grunt mines for 30 minutes before giving up after finding no more Ghost Rock. Tunnel dead ends.

Head down a different southern facing mine tunnel. Run across a stocked store room, where the posse gathers some gear. Continue on and come across a burning zombie. Trace gets a luck swing of his sabre and takes it’s head off.

Find a store room with an oil spill. Grunt throws a stick of dynamite into the oil, which sets it on fire and lights up 4 zombies. Grunt, Jim and Trace begin to throw dynamite at the burning zombies.

A snake oil salesman, mysteriously appears in the mine and the posse purchases equipment from him. Grunt asks him if he has a gatling shotgun, which the salesman says he has a very special one, but knows Grunt wouldn’t really want it. Grunt insists that he really wants the gun so he accepts it from the salesman.

Unknown to Grunt, the shotgun is magical, that automatically reloads itself. But, to do so, it turns a nearby shotgun round into a dud.

After further exploration, the posse gets ambushed by a Goblin scouting party, which includes a Goblin weird scientist. The scientist is the only Goblin to survive and he gets away.

Searching the Goblins, the posse finds them covered with an odd dust. Which turns out to be Ghost Rock dust.

Here there be Goblins

The posse calls Gavri-el into the mine as they most pass the front. Head down the right side tunnel. Come to a partially collapsed section of the tunnel, continue through the collapsed section carefully.

While scouting ahead of the party, Jim triggers a dead fall trap.

Grunt finds another dead fall trap and triggers it while trying to disarm it.

Grunt finds a pit trap and manages to disarm it.

Posse runs across a group of 4 Goblins and during the fight, the Goblins sound a warning.

Grunt accidentally shoots Jim during the fire fight with the Goblins.

The posse encounters a modified mine cart (Goblin tank) and manages to knock it off the track.

Grunt sets of a bunch of dynamite to collapse the tunnel.

Posse returns to the main part of the mine and run into the last remaining voodoo zombies.

Back in Deadwood

June 6, 1876

Posse wakes up in the cultist rooms in the mine at 12:00 P.M. after sleeping for 6 hours each.

Arrive back in Deadwood at 3:00 P.M.

Talk to deputy Swift about what happened at the mine. Inform him of Papa Mamba. (He finds out about the bounty on Papa Mamba 6 days later).

Sell the loot from the mine and buy basic equipment at Lacey’s General store. Sell the guns from the mine and buy ammo at Pierre’s Gun Shop & Hardware.

Trace, Grunt & Jim spend the night with 4 soiled doves. Grunt had 2.

June 7, 1876

Get breakfast, Grunt has eggs, bacon, steak, ham, biscuits, gravy coffee and whiskey. Jim orders the same as Grunt. Trace orders steak & eggs, coffee and whiskey.

Speak with Deputy Swift about Papa Mamba, Swift tells the posse that he has contacted Sturgis about Papa Mamba.

Grunt ordered a bullet proof vest from Pierres. Vest will arrive on June 28, 1876. Grunt owes $900 on the vest.

June 8, 1876

Leave for Lucky Pete’s mine around 9:00 A.M. Around noon, the posse gets close to the mine and notice 5 riders on a hill to the west of the mine.

Slade and Gavri-el ride toward the mine, while the rest head toward the riders.

Speak with the riders, which are a group of Indians from a nearby tribe.

Take the horses in the mine leaving Slade and Gavri-el to guard the horses.

Head left at the first room.

Find a wall with a door in it built across the tunnel, the door is barred on this side. Posse unbars the door and continues through.

Find a human sized skeletal body in the tunnel further ahead, still holding a pistol.

Find two more human sized bodies further on in similar condition.

Get attacked by 3 adult Tunnel Critters and 3 young Tunnel Critters. Posse manages to kill all of them.

Continuing further, find a tunnel that was dug by the Critters opens into the end of the mine tunnel.

While exploring the Critter tunnel, the posse hears a number of Critters moving toward them in the cramped tunnel. Posse retreats and Grunt uses dynamite to collapse the Critter tunnel.

Hello Papa Mamba

Time is midnight, posse leaves 2 cultists alive.

Gavri-el follows Papa Mamba and his woman down a functional mine track. During pursuit, he has to fly through a wall of flame. Once through, he spots a switch which shuts off the wall so that the rest of the posse won’t have to deal with it.

Rest of the posse is following in a second mine cart.

Upon reaching the end of the line, Gavri-el stops and moves out of the way as the second mine cart barely comes to a stop.

When searching this new section of the mine, the posse happens upon another group of prospectors trapped in a chamber that is slowly filling with water. Grunt asks if they have money to pay for their rescue.

Jim tries to shoot the lock off and only puts a hole in the lock.

Grunt tries as well, but misses the lock.

Slade attempts to break the lock off.

A group of zombies attacks the posse.

Grunt attempts to toss dynamite at the zombies and ends up dropping it at his feet. This blows up all the dynamite he is carrying and amazingly, he survives with little damage. To which Grunt says, “F$#k, I’m out of dynamite!”

Slade uses this opportunity to say, “How much gold you gonna pay us to get you out of there?”

To which Grunt replies, “I got it under control!”

Grunt manages to shrug off a vicious attack by a zombie.

Gabriel manages to cast entangle on his second try (had a crisis of faith the first time), which helps Grunt defeat the zombies.

Slade gets the water shut off in the trap and the miners are rescued.

Finding a back entrance to the mine, the posse find a stable and discover that 4 horses bearing people have left the area.

The follow items were found.
Box of 10 sticks of dynamite
5 boxes of .44 pistol ammo
6 boxes of shotgun shells
4 boxes of .45 rifle ammo
5 boxes of .45 pistol ammo
4 bottles of whiskey
5 coils of rope
4 pieces of Ghost Rock
2 1876 .45 rifles
1 1873 .45 rifle
2 .45 pistols
5 Frontier model pistols

Clothing worth a total of $300

Lucky Pete's Silver Mine

Gavri-el prays for guidance asking if he should heal the Orc.

While trying to heal Grunt, he has a crisis of faith and must try a second time.

Grunt returns Jim’s tomahawk, burying the hatch in a rock.

After traveling for half-hour, they come to a T-intersection and continue straight.

Travel further and come to a bend in the tunnel, encounter a pack of zombies. Grunt uses a stick of dynamite and kills the zombies, but also partially collapses the tunnel.

They find a door in a chamber in the mine and upon opening the door, are attacked by a hungry swarm of rats.

Most attacks on the swarm are not very effective. Grunt tosses a flask of oil and lights it on fire. The door catches as well, which causes the area to become very smokey. They dig out the collapsed tunnel and climb through.

Travel further into the mine for another 30 minutes and run into another T-intersection. On one side of the T, there is a wall with a door in it. They dynamite the door, and with the second stick, they blow up the door, part of the wall and cause another partial collapse.

Run into voodoo cult guards.

Find a prison, holding prospectors and after defeating the guards, Slade frees the prisoners, paying Grunt and Jim $20, the amount they wanted to charge the prisoners to free them.

Find the main hall of the voodoo cult. Have a combat with the cult members.

Arrive at Deadwood
Campaign Log

June 5, 1876 – Posse arrives in Deadwood, South Dakota. Posse is composed of, Senior Gavri-el, Jim Wolffang, Ambrose, Grunt More and Trace Gentry.

Slade rides up to the back of the posse.

Gabriel introduces Slade to Jim, Grunt and Trace.

Slade & Trace join some prospectors playing cards.

Slade wins $23 during the game.

Grunt & Jim go to Sheriff’s and Marshal’s offices to find out what bounties are available.

Gavri-el goes to the church. Reveals himself to the priest. Tells the priest to remove the graven images from the church.

Deputy Ben Swift talks with Gavri-el about shooting a window out in the church but priest agrees that it was an accident.

Gavri-el returns to saloon, Comique Variety Hall.

Deputy Swift gets lunch and speaks with the posse and they ask him about trouble in the area.

They go in search of the Indian Shaman, Touch the Clouds.

Find a prospector camp destroyed by something. Find tracks leading away from the camp.

Follow track to an old mine, Lucky Pete’s Silver mine. Enter the mine.

Once they get inside, they are attacked by 10 zombies.

Find a mine elevator and descend 2 levels. Encounter more zombies where Grunt is injured by the zombies and an accidental blow by Jim.


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