Deadwood Deacon

Arrive at Deadwood
Campaign Log

June 5, 1876 – Posse arrives in Deadwood, South Dakota. Posse is composed of, Senior Gavri-el, Jim Wolffang, Ambrose, Grunt More and Trace Gentry.

Slade rides up to the back of the posse.

Gabriel introduces Slade to Jim, Grunt and Trace.

Slade & Trace join some prospectors playing cards.

Slade wins $23 during the game.

Grunt & Jim go to Sheriff’s and Marshal’s offices to find out what bounties are available.

Gavri-el goes to the church. Reveals himself to the priest. Tells the priest to remove the graven images from the church.

Deputy Ben Swift talks with Gavri-el about shooting a window out in the church but priest agrees that it was an accident.

Gavri-el returns to saloon, Comique Variety Hall.

Deputy Swift gets lunch and speaks with the posse and they ask him about trouble in the area.

They go in search of the Indian Shaman, Touch the Clouds.

Find a prospector camp destroyed by something. Find tracks leading away from the camp.

Follow track to an old mine, Lucky Pete’s Silver mine. Enter the mine.

Once they get inside, they are attacked by 10 zombies.

Find a mine elevator and descend 2 levels. Encounter more zombies where Grunt is injured by the zombies and an accidental blow by Jim.


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