Deadwood Deacon

Hunting Papa Mamba at High Noon, Part 3
Meet Mr. Smith

Beau finds a box with chicken’s feet on strings in it in the room at the bottom of the elevator shaft. He takes 4 with him.

Smitty calls out down the mine tunnel, “Hello there!”

The posse moves down the tunnel, leaving John to guard the elevator as well. 40 feet down the tunnel the posse sees light ahead.

Gavri-el takes 3 of the lanterns which line the tunnel.

The posse finds the Copernicus Chamber, which has lit lanterns in it.

The posse continues deeper into the mine, through the Janowice Chamber into a Loa Chapel.

The cavern is an obvious temple to the Voodoo Loa spirits. The posse takes the sacrificial knife from the altar.

The posse continues through the Spalone and Sielec Chambers.

The posse finds the opening to the lower levels which is beside a wooden bridge that continues on. Continue forward to the Casimir the Great Chamber. Beau starts marking their progress on the wall with his knife.

Return to the opening that leads down and begin to descend the stairway. The posse proceeds to the bottom of the stair with no difficulties. At the bottom the posse enters an obviously downward sloping tunnel.

The posse passes through two other chambers while following the downward sloping tunnel, the posse begins to hear talking and mining sounds from ahead. The tunnel finally ends at a huge chamber.

The opening to the chamber they have just reached is in the wall near the ceiling of the chamber. A number of scaffolds line the walls of the chamber from floor to ceiling. A total of 10 zombies can be seen mining in the chamber.

3 human miners can be seen supervising the zombies toward the center of the room. The posse can hear the voices of the miners, but other than telling they are Cajun, they cannot make out what is being said.

The posse discusses how to deal with the miners and zombies. The plan is to have Gavri-el cast silence on himself, cast invisibility on himself and then fly down to the miners. Beau and Smitty will aim with the rifles to attack right after Gavri-el become visible having attacked one of the miners.

Gavri-el attacks the miners and misses. Beau and Smitty fire and also miss.

Gavri-el begins to fight with the miners, and Beau and Smitty notice that 3 zombies have stopped mining and are headed toward where Gavri-el is fighting. Beau begins to quickly descend the stairs, ignoring the fact that he could trip and fall down the entire length.

Gavri-el manages to kill the 3 Cajuns just as the 3 zombies approach to attack.

Beau, Gavri-el and Smitty damage the zombies that have been attacking Gavri-el. They manage to kill those 3. Beau notices that the zombies seemed to ignore him so he gives a chicken foot necklace to both Gavri-el and Smitty.

The posse destroys the rest of the zombies in the chamber.

The posse then travels down the tunnel that exits the chamber, into yet another large chamber. This one has deep pool of water at the bottom, with a bridge spanning the pool from one opening to another on the far wall. There is a cage next to the bridge with a human in it.

Beau attempts to pick the lock and fails. Gavri-el shoots the lock and after the second shot, manages to open the lock.

Ben, Mike M, Ashton and Victor get 3 fate points

Hunting Papa Mamba at High Noon, Part 2
Decending into Papa Mamba's Realm

The posse questions Nicole in the shack about Papa Mamba, who they work for and if they are using zombies.

Gavri-el and Smitty go to talk with Deputy Swift about whether Nicole would be guilty of anything.

The posse decides to take Nicole to Deadwood and turn her over to the deputy.

As the party gets close to Deadwood, she begins to squirm and make noises through the gag.

Deputy Swift calls Nicole, Queen Laveau, and locks her up in the jail. The posse warns him to be careful around her and he lets them know that he can handle her.

The posse stakes out the Sheriff’s office to see if Papa Mamba will come to Deadwood to free her. Nothing happens that night.

July 29, 1876 – Saturday

The posse decides to head back to the mine at night, so spends the day in Deadwood. Nothing much happens in the town. After night fall, the posse heads to the mine.

Gavri-el scouts the entire camp.

Around 9:00 P.M. the posse heads to the main building of the mine. Once inside they decide how to descend into the shaft. The do not turn on the equipment that runs the elevator, being afraid of waking the miners in the camp outside.

The posse climbs down the shaft with various levels of success. John climbs down the shaft using the Spider Climb spell. Beau slips toward the bottom and takes 2 damage from the fall. Smitty also slips toward the bottom and takes 1 damage. Gavri-el also slips and takes 1 damage.

The party begins to explore the mine in the following order, Gavri-el, Beau, John and Smitty. Jasper remains at the elevator to cover the posses retreat.

Ben, Patrick and Ashton get 3 fate points

Hunting Papa Mamba at High Noon, Part 1
Enter Nicole Fouquet

Beau buys rocksalt shotgun shells.

Posse heads to Lucky Pete’s mine. Searches the mine for Voodoo cultists, but after searching the area where Papa Mamba had occupied earlier, finds nothing but the remains of destroyed zombies and cultists.

Search through the Goblin section of the mine and begin talks with a Goblin who claims to be the mine owner. Eventually the posse realize they are being lied to and manage to get the real mine owner to talk with them. Urukgar tells them that Papa Mamba is not in the mine anymore. Urukgar makes it known that he doesn’t like the posse.

July 28, 1876 – Friday

Head to Nicole’s mine, after about an hour and a half. The posse sees a total of 40 black miners above ground.

Gavri-el approaches one of the miners and asks about Nicole.

Judas Parodis doesn’t tell Gavri-el much about Nicole.

The posse approaches the main house at the mine. Get’s let into the house to talk with Nicole. After she recognizes Gavri-el, he casts hold person on her. Beau ties her up and Gavri-el knocks her out.

Seeing that her mistress is under attack, the servant begins to run down the hall toward the back of the house screaming. Smitty chases her and punches her in the head, temporarily stopping her screaming.

Gavri-el casts invisibility on Nicole and carries her to his horse.

The rest of the posse flees through the front door while the servant runs out the back again screaming for help.

The posse rides to the abandoned shack where the encountered the Steampunk zombies.

Beau ties her hands. She attempts to cast blind on Gavri-el and he knocks her unconscious again, then they gag her as well.

Ben, Patrick, Mike M and Ashton get 3 fate points

The Return of Señor Gavri-el at High Noon
Meet The Lord's Messenger

While the posse and the deputy were examining the bodies, a figure rode up out of the darkness. Señor Gavri-el had returned to Deadwood. Deputy Swift gave Gavri-el a knowing look and cautioned him to behave while in town.

After finding out the location, the posse decided to head out to the Tucker farm overnight to check for other werewolves.

July 27, 1876 – Thursday

The farm was empty, so the posse waited until 8:00 A.M. the next morning. When no one showed the following morning, the posse returned to Deadwood. The posse reported their findings to Deputy Swift.

The posse visits the land office to find out if any prospectors have been killed recently. Finds out who the French named prospectors/miners are in the town. There are 4 male prospectors/miners and 1 female.

Noel St Jean – Male
Andre Dube – Male
Nicholas Cliche – Male
Adrien Rocheleau – Male
Nicole Fouquet – Female

The posse visits a Pierre’s shop to buy silver bullets.

The posse also checks with the church to see if there are any black parishioners, going under the assumption that they might be involved in the Voodoo cult.

The black parishioners are, Mark Hurt, Rene Seals, Andree Aupry, Legget Bousquet and Jorette Fongemie.

Ben, Patrick and Mike M get 3 fate points

Meet Professor Kisslinger at High Noon
The Weird Scientist

July 20, 1876 – Thursday

The posse travels to Sturgis to visit Professor Kisslinger.

Spot a group of surveyors on the way. They are surveying for the railroad spur to Deadwood.

Ride past the surveyors. Encounter a few other travelers who are headed toward Deadwood.

Stay at Miss Ramirez’s Boarding House in Sturgis.

Go to the saloon to gamble.

Smitty wins $20 during the night.

Martin Hare – a cowboy who cheats while gambling, knows about Papa Mamba. He tells the posse that Mamba’s real name is Andre Santaigo. He reveals to the posse that Papa Mamba is working for Baron LaCroix, from New Orleans.

Also talk with Dudley Spencer, a well dressed gambler, but he doesn’t know anything about Papa Mamba.

July 21, 1876 – Friday

The posse goes to visit Professor Kisslinger, after studying with him for the day, Jasper gains the skill: Knowledge – Weird Science.

The posse gives Professor Kisslinger the blueprints and items found in Dr. Stein’s cave. It takes the professor 2 days to study them.

When asked about Baron LaCroix, Kisslinger tells the posse what he knows about the Baron. Kisslinger also let’s the posse know about Darius Hellstromme, another rail baron, like Baron LaCroix.

July 22, 1876 – Saturday

Posse spends the day in town. Meets Steffen Duerr – a wizard who is staying in the inn. John and Jasper begin work on a wizard’s staff and necklace.

July 23, 1876 – Sunday

Finish the staff and necklace.

July 24, 1876 – Monday

Jasper continues to train with the professor. The professor tells the posse what the blue prints and items are from Dr. Stein’s.

July 25, 1876 – Tuesday

Jasper continues to train with the professor.

July 26, 1876 – Wednesday

Posse travels back to Deadwood. The see that the surveyors have made it to Deadwood.

That night, the posse is awakened by a scream. After investigating, they discover a werewolf who has just killed a woman. The posse, kills the werewolf, after which a group of towns folk gather around. Deputy Swift shows up and confirms that Ronnie Tucker was indeed a werewolf after inspecting the body.

Ben, Patrick, Mike R and Ashton get 3 fate points

Meet James J. Clemens at High Noon
The Wizard

July 19, 1876 – Wednesday

John spends some time trying to learn new spells.

Visits James J. Clemens and asks what spells James knows and asks James to teach him spells.

He asks James what he knows about Papa Mamba. James knows a little about Papa Mamba, mostly that he is in the area looking for gold.

Beau asks about Papa Mamba in a few of the saloons. Doesn’t find out much information about him.

Ben and Patrick get 2 fate points

Touch the Clouds at High Noon, Part 2
Many Little Indians

5 of the Indians from Touch the Clouds camp arrive to attack Beau, Jasper and John, while 3 arrive to attack Smitty on the opposite of the camp.

The posse defeats the all of the Indians, but 2 manage to escape. The posse loots the bodies.

The posse heads back to the Indian village, arrive by nightfall. Camp for the night near the village.

Touch the Clouds bow, which contains by a Manitou spirit, talks to both John and Jasper, asking them to help it. Jasper throws the bow into the posse’s camp fire, which releases the spirit, to return to Hell.

July 16, 1876 – Sunday

The posse heads back toward Deadwood, after a day’s travel camp for the night. Jasper and Smitty gamble a little. Beau notices that Touch the Clouds’ bindings have become loose. He reties the bindings.

July 17, 1876 – Monday

Posse continues toward Deadwood, after that day’s travel, camp for the night. Beau notices that Touch the Clouds’ bindings are loose again. He reties the bindings again.

July 18, 1876 – Tuesday

Arrive at Deadwood, and turn in Touch the Clouds to Deputy Swift. Stay the night in a boarding house.

Ben, Patrick, Mike R and Ashton get 3 fate points

Touch the Clouds at High Noon, Part 1
See Touch the Clouds

Posse gives body to Smitty’s cousin, after asking about the other bounties in the Fey realm, they return to the Human realm.

Beau leads the party toward where Touch the Clouds is last known to have been. As they ride away from Dr. Stein’s cave, they notice Indian totems above the cave.

The totems form a circle, posse ascertains that this is the location of some kind of ceremony.

July 14, 1876 – Friday

Beau leads the posse to an Indian village. The posse rides up peacefully to the village. Have a conversation with the tribal leaders and get Black Bear to help them. The Indians don’t want anything to do with Touch the Clouds because he is consorting with Manitous.

The posse camps outside of the village in the woods, nothing happens during the night.

July 15, 1876 – Saturday

Head northwest toward where Touch the Clouds should be. Black Bear follows tracks from Touch the Clouds. 5 hours to find the tracks which lead after 6 more hours to the camp of Touch the Clouds. Since it is getting dark, the posse decides to camp a safe distance away.

July 16, 1876 – Sunday

Posse breaks camp, then moves toward Touch the Cloud’s camp.

Get into a fight with Touch the Clouds and his braves. Find out that Touch the Clouds has been touched by a Manitou and has amazing abilities because of that touch.

Travels by jumping from his camp and engages the posse, but the posse manages to knock him out.

Smitty, who separated himself from the posse, tries to cast his invisibility spell but fails.

Ben, Patrick, Mike R. and Ashton get 4 fate points.

The Monster at High Noon, Part 2
Something Big Goes Bump in the Cave!

John teleports the lightning gun to him.

Dr. Frank N Stein heals himself.

Igor starts dragging Dr. Stein away.

Jasper shoots Igor in the back.

A giant rises from the table in the center of the room having been animated by Dr. Stein.

Jasper manages to kill the giant with 2 well placed shots, with some help from Beau and John.

During the fight, the giant manages to slam Jasper with a good hit. Luckily, being a dwarf, Jasper survives the attack.

The posse, after ransacking the lab, continues to explore the cave system. They find a natural portal to the Fey realm. Going through, the exit a cave in the Fey realm and meet with Smitty.

Smitty was sent to find out why people were going missing in the Fey realm.

The posse head back to Dr. Stein’s lab, find out that several of the zombies were actually Fey. The get the horses, go back through to the Fey side.

Ben, Patrick, Mike R and Ashton get 3 fate points

The Monster at High Noon, Part 1
Meet Dr. Frank N. Stein

July 11, 1876 – Tuesday

Posse rides to Deadwood, arrive at night fall.

Jasper sells ox and buys a pony, puts the wagon and his trade tools in storage.

Posse heads to saloon to find out if there are rumors about Touch the Clouds.

Hear a couple of trappers mention that one had seen him to the northwest of Deadwood.

Jasper asks the trappers if the Indians like Touch the Clouds or not. They tell him that the Indian’s will support Touch the Clouds because he is after all an Indian.

July 12, 1876 – Wednesday

Buy a week’s worth of trail rations. Head west for the zombie cave.

After the first day of travel, posse follows the correct path.

That night a bear wanders into camp. Jasper hears the bear approaching camp.

Jasper gives the bear some jerky, builds the fire up and drives the bear away.

July 13, 1876 – Thursday

About mid-day, Connor is sure they should have arrived, but haven’t.

After 2 more hours, the posse happens upon a cave. Every one but Beau spots a large number of foot prints at the entrance.

The posse enters the cave, with Connor carrying the lantern.

First the enter a large cavern with an opening to the left. Enter the tunnel and see light up ahead. There is another cavern, a little larger than the first one. The posse can tell that this cavern is someone’s home.

Jasper stands guard in the second opening to the cave, John and Connor stand guard in the opening they entered from while Beau searches the desk.

Beau takes 10 complete sets of blue-prints and a journal, bound in human skin.

The posse heads further into the cave, down the next tunnel.

The posse arrives at a sturdy door. Jasper opens the door while Beau and John get ready to attack whatever is on the other side. Beau and John hear the crackle of electricity and movement ahead.

The posse enters another large cavern, with lots of Steam Punk style equipment in it. There are a number of zombies inside along with Dr. Frank N Stein, Igor and on a large table in the center of the room, there is a large figure under a sheet.

There are two other entrances to this cavern, one directly across from where the party entered and one on the left hand side of the cavern.

A fight erupts, during the fight Jasper gets shot by Dr. Stein’s lighting gun.

The posse destroys all of the zombies, and John manages to shoot Dr. Stein in the chest.

Beau manages to heal Jasper.

Ben, Patrick, Mike R. and Zachariah get 3 fate points


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