Deadwood Deacon

Of Deputies and Hanging Judges at High Noon

September 7, 1876

Gavri`el picks up his armor.

Gavri`el visits the church to find out if there is anything odd going on.

John visits Deputy Swift to discuss their confrontation with the Hanging Judge. Finds out that the only way to permanently put down a Hanging Judge is to hang them.

Gavri`el goes to visit Papa Mamba’s grave. Finds out that it has not been disturbed. Decides to consecrate it.

September 9, 1876

John finishes stage one on his work on magic items.

Gavri`el studies his lore books.

September 10, 1876

John goes to pick up information on any new bounties.

John goes to speak with Banla, but Gavri`el is also there.

Beau is sent by John to investigate the Tuckers. Finds out that they have sold their farm. The family consists of Johnny Tucker, father, Norma Tucker, mother, Jimmy Tucker, the eldest son, Wanda Tucker, the eldest daughter, Dorothy Tucker, the youngest daughter and William Tucker, the now youngest son. Ronnie Tucker, who the posse kilt while he was a werewolf in Deadwood was previously the youngest son.

Mike M and Patrick get 2 Fate points.

Meet Doc Deadwood at High Noon

Doc Deadwood arrives in Deadwood and heads to the sheriff’s office for wanted posters.

John heads to the sheriff’s office for wanted posters.

The two meet at the office and decide to go bounty hunting.

John summons a horse, Doc gets his from the stable. They ride to Rapid City.

September 2, 1876

Arrive in Sturgis, stay the night.

September 4, 1876 – mid day

They arrive in Wall, South Dakota.

Doc stables his horse, tries to get info about Kenneth C. but has no luck.

Asks a patron at The Rusty Nail Saloon, if he knows where Kenneth C. is and is told that he is at the Silver Lode.

Upon arriving at the Silver Lode, Doc and John both see Kenneth at a table playing poker.

John lassos Kenneth and pulls him to the floor, Doc kicks Kenneth in the head which staggers him.

John ties up Kenneth and then teleports all of them back to Deadwood.

It is an interesting experience for Doc, who hasn’t really ever been that close to magic before, but sees how useful it can be.

The two turn in Kenneth and get the reward.

Rich and Patrick get 3 Fate points.

The Hanging Judge at High Noon

On the evening of August 28th, Gavri`el and John notice that the sky seems darker.

Gavri`el visits Father Dennis L. Pena to discuss the darkness. The Father says he believes stronger evil is coming.

Gavri`el visits Tomas Hodges and asks about the darkness. Hodges doesn’t really have an explanation of the phenomena.

Gavri`el goes to find Banla.

August 29, 1876

Gavri`el goes to the Nutall & Mann’s Saloon No. 10 with Banla and finds Beau there. Tells Beau that he is going to visit Gustave Lafleur.

Gavri`el teleports infront of Gustave’s house and knocks on the front door. Is brought in to the foyer by the butler and told to wait while he gets Gustave. Gustave arrives 5 minutes later.

Gavri`el speaks with Gustave about the darkness. Gustave also says that he believes stronger evil is coming.

Gavri`el teleports back to Deadwood.

Gavri`el talks to Beau about deputy Swift being gone.

Gavri`el talks to the Nutall bartender, Father Pena and undertaker Perry H. Beasley asking if they have noticed an increase in vermin in town.

Also asks the undertaker if he has taken notice of anything weird. If he knows that the deputy is missing. This is the first the undertaker has heard that Swift was gone. Also asks if the undertaker things the deputy being gone has made it darker. Undertaker has no idea.

Gavri`el goes to visit Sheriff Adamo. Asks the sheriff if he knows what the deputy is doing. Is told that Swift is off visiting relatives. Also asks if the sheriff has noticed anything odd. The sheriff says that he hasn’t noticed anything. Asks the sheriff if he ever leaves the office, to which the sheriff replies, of course.

Gavri`el goes back to the Nutall, gets some food and hangs out. Goes outside as the sun starts to set. Notices that the day didn’t seem as bright as it usually is. Also notices that it seems darker at night.

Gavri`el goes looking for John Running Bear, finds him in the Indian Head Saloon. Asks him if he knows about the darkness. John Running Bear only knows that great evil is usually surrounded by darkness.

Gavri`el finds another indian in the bar and asks him about the darkness and if he knows anything about Deputy Swift. This indian does not.

Gavri`el goes on patrol in the town.

At about 10 P.M., Gavri`el begins to feel a little more jumpy. Goes back to the Nutall. Talks with Beau, finds out that Beau is also feeling jumpy as well as Banla.

About 10:30 P.M. Gavri`el goes back to his room.

At mid-night Gavri`el is awoken by a bad feeling. He wakes up Banla as well.

Once outside, Gavri`el listens, hears nothing out of the ordinary, but Banla hears more than just the usual goings on at night, he also hears screams of terror.

John is awoken to the sounds of gunshots.

Gavri`el and John arrive on main street and see a Hanging Judge meeting out justice to the people of Deadwood.

Gavri`el casts protection from evil on himself.

Banla goes to start freeing people who have already been hanged by the judge.

John stands his ground trying to decide what he is seeing and what to do next.

The Hanging Judge notices Gavri`el and immediately moves toward him, saying, “I find you guilty of wanton destruction of your Father’s property!”

Gavri`el hits the Hanging Judge with his sword but notices nothing happens to the judge.

John casts Holy Smite at the judge, but the spell doesn’t seem to work.

The judge tries to lasso Gavri`el with a noose but misses.

Gavri`el casts Destruction on the judge but again the spell doesn’t seem to have an effect.

Beau shoots the judge with a cold iron slug, but that has no effect.

John reloads his gun with a silver bullet.

The Hanging Judge again tries to lasso Gavri`el, while continuing to say “Guilty of wanton destruction!”, Gavri`el manages to dodge the noose.

Gavri`el changes from his sword to his pistol.

John shoots the judge with his silver bullet but it has no effect.

Deputy Marshal George E. Morgan shows up and shoots at the judge, but misses.

Hanging Judge tries to lasso Gavri`el, but Gavri`el again manages to dodge.

Gavri`el switches from his pistol to a vial of holy water.

John moves away from the combat.

George Morgan manages to hit the judge, which has a noticeable effect.

Hanging Judge tries to lasso Gavri`el, but Gavri`el manages to dodge.

Gavri`el splashes the judge with his holy water, but it has no effect.

John casts True Seeing and looks at the shootout.

George Morgan misses his next shot.

The Hanging Judge misses with his next throw.

Gavri`el shoots the judge again, but nothing happens.

John holds his action.

George Morgan hits with his next shot and puts the judge down.

Banla has managed to save all of the town’s folk who were being hanged. Other lawmen show up and the body of the judge is turned over to the undertaker. The posse figures out that the Deputy Marshal’s pistol was the only thing that managed to hurt the judge because it was a lawman’s gun.

August 31, 1876 – Thursday

In the morning Deputy Swift comes back into town. It is also found out that the Hanging Judge’s body is missing from the Undertaker’s.

Mike M. and Patrick get 4 Fate points.

Beau and John go Bounty Hunting at High Noon

August 28, 1876

Beau and John decide to hunt a few bounties that they have in Deadwood.

Go to Yves Cloutier’s tent.

Beau looks in the tent to see who’s there but due to the darkness of the tent, doesn’t see anyone. He heads around to the back side of the tent.

John walks closer to the entrance of the tent, looking inside. He sees Yves and tries to lasso him, but misses.

Yves dashes out the front, John tries to clothes line him as he passes by, but Yves ducks under John’s arm.

Beau runs around the front of the tent and tries to lasso Yves but misses.

Beau starts chasing Yves, yelling for Yves to stop and surrender, pulling out one of his shotguns.

Yves pulls out a pistol. Beau shoots his shotgun, hitting Yves in the arm, causing him to drop his pistol. Beau continues to yell for Yves to stop and surrender.

John teleports in front of Yves to again clothes line him, but misses. Yves seeing he is outmatched surrenders at this point.

They take him to the Sheriff’s office and on arriving notice that Deputy Swift is not sitting in his usual place. They ask the Sheriff about it and are told that Swift is out of town on personal business. The sheriff pays them the $400 bounty on Yves.

Beau and John then go to Eugene Gustafson’s tent.

John goes around to the back of the tent this time.

Beau approaches the front of the tent which has the flap closed. He calls out to Eugene, Eugene doesn’t answer but Beau can hear that someone is in the tent.

John tries to knock down the back tent pole to collapse the tent but doesn’t hit it hard enough to knock the pole down.

Beau goes to the side of the tent and shoots his shotgun, loaded with rock salt. He hits Eugene, who screams and discharges his shotgun and falls down inside the tent.

Beau and John tie up Eugene and take him to the Sheriff’s office for the bounty.

Patrick and Ben get 3 Fate points.

The Angel and the Demon Consorter at the Fouquet Mine at High Noon

August 25, 1876 – Friday

Gavri’el turns invisible after lunch to follow the miners back in to the Fouquet Mine. Goes inside with the workers, waits till they all ride the elevator down, then casts Silence on himself and flies down the mine shaft.

Finds that the Voodoo Shrine in the mine has had all of the Voodoo paraphernalia removed.

Returns to the surface and begins to investigate the house. Looks in the windows of the house while invisible, starting with the upstairs rooms, then moves down to the first floor rooms. When he looks in the dinning room, he see Gustave Lafleur who suddenly seems to notice Gavri’el.

Gavri’el ends his silence spell to listen in on what Gustave says. Gustave casts Invisibility Purge, which Gavri’el attempts to counter, but he fails.

During his attempt to counter, Gavri’el becomes aware of another spiritual presence tied to Guastave.

Gavri’el ends his invisibility spell, then speaks with Gustave. Asks if he is the master of Papa Mamba. Is told by Gustave that he is a humble servant of Baron LaCroix, as was Papa Mamba.

Gavri’el questions if the Baron knew what Papa Mamba was doing and is informed that the Baron knows all the transpires with his servants.

Gavri’el then goes back to where Smitty has been observing the property and the two return to Deadwoon.

Gavri’el spends August 26 and 27 in town reading his books and patrolling the town.

Smitty spends August 26 and 27 gambling.

On the morning of August 28, Gavri’el notices that Deputy Swift is not sitting outside the Sheriff’s office in his usual place.

Mike M gets 3 Fate Points.

Why Wuz That Balrog There at High Noon?

August 25, 1876 – Friday

Beau chats with James J. Clemens about the cave where the Balrog was found. Clemens theorizes the place was a cross over from the Fey world and the Balrog had been stuck there since the Ghost Dance.

Beau plans on going on a 4 day bender. Gets the money he is carrying stolen on day 3.

August 28, 1876 – Monday

Beau recovers from his drinking.

John has been working on magic item crafting for the past few days.

Ben and Patrick get 3 Fate Points.

We Kilt Us a Balrog in St. Jean's Mine at High Noon

The posse takes the body of the Balrog to the mine owner to report on the completion of the bounty.

They accompany St. Jean into town to get paid as he needs to go to the bank to get the money.

Gavri’el teleports the Balrog’s body to within a 1/2 mile from town.

St. Jean gives each member of the posse the $1,000 bounty.

Garath rents a wagon to move the Balrog the rest of the way into town, covering the body with a tarp.

John teleports to Lucky Pete’s mine and buys Ghost Rock from the Goblins.

Gavri’el goes to the blacksmith and hires him to make armor.

Smitty goes to the blacksmith to find out his options for enchanting his armor. He is told by the blacksmith to find a wizard.

John goes home to begin enchanting items.

Garath goes to James Clemens to find out about the Balrog body.

Smitty asks James Clemens if he can do something to reduce the amount of damage he suffers when in a firefight.

Gaver’el asks James Clemens if he can do something to reduce the encumbrance of his armor or make him more agile.

Garath hires Clemens to make a duster out of the Balrog skin. (This will be ready September 7).

Garath goes to visit John at his house.

Gavri’el and Smitty go to the Fouguet mine at 9:00 P.M.

Ashton, Mike, Patrick and Ryan get 3 fate points.

Trouble Deep in St. Jean's Mine at High Noon

August 24, 1876

Beau sneaks up past the zone of silence.

Hears the sound of moaning. Garath also hears the sound but makes out multiple ‘voices’.

The posse continues down the tunnel stealthfully.

As they near the opening, the heat coming from the mine continues to increase.

The posse sees two pillars of human bodies, the bodies fused together. The posse can tell that the pillars are the bottom portion of an arch and already create a gate to somewhere else. They see 10 imps in the area also.

Garath casts black tentacles between the pillars and manages to catch 6 of the imps in the tentacles grasp. The Balrog easily moves out the range of the tentacles and sniffing and says, ‘Angel!’

Beau shoots the Balrog in the chest, but his shot doesn’t seem to do any damage.

Banla casts summon planar ally.

Gavri’el fights with the Balrog, while Beau and Garath fight the Imps.

After several heroic efforts by the posse, including Garath throwing holy water on the Balrog, they manage to defeat the demons and destroy the gate.

Ben, Mike M., and Ryan get 5 fate points.

Trouble at St. Jean's Mine at High Noon

Beau and Smitty walk up at the end of St. Jean’s appeal.

The posse asks some questions of St. Jean to get more information about the demon.

The posse then goes to meet John, while Garath heads to Tomas Hodges for his ammo.

Garath goes to the church and gets a metal cross.

Smitty asks if the posse should create zombies to fight the demon. Everyone says it is a bad idea.

Gavri’el and Banla go looking for books on demons.

John figures out what are the most useful items to use against the demon.

Gavri’el buys a book on Fey Demon lore.

Smitty rides out to the mine to talk with the survivors of the attack on the mine.

Beau goes to blacksmith to get cold iron and buys 9 lbs worth.

Smitty talks with some of the injured miners. Then talks to the foreman, gets a map to the mine. Talks with St. Jean.

Gunsmith will make the bullets by the 24th.

August 23, 1876

The first mercenaries arrive in the morning.

10 mercenaries go in with standard weapons, at 9:00 A.M. None of them come back out.

7 mercenaries go in with standard weapons, at 12:00 P.M. 1 comes out injured later.

8 mercenaries go in with standard weapons, at 3:00 P.M. 4 come out, 2 injured, 2 uninjured, were attacked by small demons.

4 mercenaries go in with standard weapons, at 5:00 P.M. 4 come out after being attacked by small demons.

August 24, 1876

Head out to the mine, arrive at 10:00 A.M.

Posse prepares to enter the mine. Approaches the mine.

Beau sneaks up to the entrance and sees eight small demons.

John casts Holy Smite from a wand on the demons and kills them.

Posse enters the mine in the following order, Beau, Garath, John, Smitty single file, Gabri’el and Banla walking side by side.

Posse goes to the elevator and John casts silence on the elevator.

All of the posse gets in the elevator and stops on the 2nd level. Looking around at that level they see nothing.

Continues to move down to level 3. Garath spots 12 demons 100 yards down the tunnel.

Garath shoots 1, killing it with the first shot.

The imps rush the party.

Posse fights the imps. John manages to destroy a bunch of the imps with his Holy Smite wand.

Ben, Ashton, Mike M., Patrick and Ryan each get 3 fate points.

Introducing Garath Stonehill at High Noon

Posse meets Garath Stonehill on the road to Deadwood.

Posse discusses supernatural with Garath.

Garath goes to talk with Wild Bill Hickok. Asks what is against the law in Deadwood.

Gavri’el goes to the church. Asks the priest if anything bad is happening or supernatural occurrences in Deadwood.

Priest tells him no.

Garath goes to the sheriff’s office, meets Deputy Swift. Asks if Deputy Swift knows of any supernatural events in town.

Garath and Gavri’el meet in the graveyard while looking for anything out of the ordinary.

Garath heads to a seedy saloon. Hears that St. Jean has found Ghostrock in his mine.

Gavri’el asks God what bad thing is happening. Is told to have patience.

Garath has someone mention about his stinking native pipe. Garath tries to start something with the man. The man doesn’t take the bait.

August 21, 1876

Garath goes to talk with Tomas Hodges. Wants to have Hodges make him some special shells.

Gavri’el continues to walk around town, waiting for the bad event.

John summons his house and goes inside to work on wands.

Around 1 P.M. Garath runs into Gavri’el and Banla. Garath asks about blessed oil.

Gustave Lafleur arrives in Deadwood.

Garath and Gavri’el teleport to Papa Mamba’s mine.

They watch the house till the buggy and wagon arrive and Gustave goes into the house.

Continue to watch the mine. Gavri’el costs silence to allow them to move closer. Around midnight teleport back to town.

August 22, 1876

St. Jean comes to town and asks the town’s people for help.

Mike M., Patrick and Ryan get 3 fate points.


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