Deadwood Deacon

The Tree Spirit's Home at High Noon

September 13, 1876 – 10:00 P.M.

The posse runs into the tree spirit while traveling in the direction of it’s home tree. The first indication that they have found it is the feeling that Bullseye and John get that they are being watched, while examining Tracy’s body.


Bullseye moves to hide behind a tree.

Killian noticing that Bullseye has moved to hide, draws his pistol.

John also draws his pistol.

The tree spirit steps out of the tree that Bullseye is hiding beside, without noticing him standing there.

Killian shoots it in the leg, with little to no effect.

John shoots it in the chest which causes some damage.

Beau shoots it in the chest with little effect.

Bullseye gets a fantastic placed shot but unfortunately it seems to have little effect on the creature’s hide.

The tree spirit swings at Gavri`el, which Gavri`el parries, but Gavri`el notices a few chips come out of his sword, something he has never noticed before.

John shoots it in the head for a massive amount of damage, blowing off part of it’s head.

Gavri`el also hits it in the head, which does a little more damage, but so far only John’s shot has really wounded the creature.

Bullseye focuses on his next shot, taking careful aim, hitting it in the chest but again there seems to be little effect.

Killian retreats a little distance away and begins to work on starting a fire.

John shoots it in the left leg again doing some damage.

The tree spirit shoots a bunch of splinters at the members of the posse, which most either avoid or their various armors absorb.

The tree spirit retreats back toward the tree that it originally stepped through.

Beau shoots it as it passes by him in the head, doing a bit more damage.

John shoots it in the abdomen but the bullet passes right through it, whizzing right by Bullseye.

Beau shoots at it, targeting it’s left arm but the shot also passes right through the spirit with no damage.

Gavri`el casts Lightning, striking the tree that the spirit had originally walked through and damaging it, but it does not stop the spirit from stepping into the tree and escaping.

John casts Phantom Steed, bringing 4 into existence and the posse gives chase, with Gavri`el flying under his own power.

Beau attempts to find the tree spirit’s home tree but can’t manage to find it.

Bullseye also attempts to find the home tree and is successful. As the posse approaches the tree from the sky, he also notices a number of man-made objects surrounding the tree.

John notices the objects as well and realizes they are Indian totems. After getting a better view of them, he surmises that they are corrupting the tree and angering the spirit.

As the posse arrives on the ground, the tree spirit steps out of it’s home tree, but now it has been fully healed.

It shoots spikes at the group but doesn’t do any real damage.

Bullseye shoots it in the chest using Beau’s rifle instead and does some damage to it.

John decides to summon some earth elementals and begins to cast a spell.

Killian shoots the tree spirit for some damage.

Bullseye shoots it for a little damage.

The tree spirit attaches a limb to it’s home tree and begins to quickly heal itself.

Beau shoots it for a little damage.

The tree spirit agains shoots spikes at the group but does not do any meaningful damage.

Bullseye shoots the tree spirit in the abdomen for some damage.

David, Jeff and Patrick get 3 fate points.



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