Deadwood Deacon

Mind The Tree Spirit at High Noon

September 13, 1876 around noon time. Posse is at the sheriff’s office.

Gavri`el prays for guidance concerning the tree spirit, but after about 15 minutes of praying, Deputy Swift tells him he’s not going to get an answer, so he should move on.

Bullseye starts to head to Randall’s Firearms to purchase some knives, but John tells him to go to Stronghammer the Dwarven Smith instead.

As the posse heads off, Deputy Swift suggests to Gavri`el that he should go to his house for guidance.

Gavri`el responds puzzled, “My house?”

Killian responds, “God’s house.”

To which Swift says, “Yes.”

Bullseye talks with Stonehammer about getting a knife. Knife will be ready in 3 days.

Posse heads to the church.

Gavri`el kneels to pray, has the following vision.

Your name is Tracey M. Pauley, you are a prospector looking for that big strike so that you can return home to your family and make a better life for them. You are sure that God himself will see you through the rough times and will also see you home to your family safely.

You find yourself walking down the street of a western town. It is the typical frontier town, with various buildings standing side by side. Mixed in with the regular businesses are saloons, pool halls, brothels and dance halls, but they are not what you’re looking for. You’re looking for a place of worship where you can bolster your faith in God.

Ignoring the sinners, both male and female, you continue looking for this church, because you know for sure there is one in this town somewhere. While the darkness of evil invests this town, you steel yourself against it, sure that your faith in God will protect you. The shadow of evil that is here is almost physical and you hurry along in search of the church.

You spot a deputy sheriff of the county and go to him to enlist his aid, but as you get closer to him, you know he can’t help you as he is not a child of God.

Finally you spot the church and rush toward it. But as you draw nearer, you notice that a shadow of evil hovers over it. As you draw near the doors, a shape suddenly appears in front of them. A twisted demon stands before the doors. You know it once wore beautiful clothes, dressed by God himself, but now it’s clothes are dark and drab. It’s once white wings are now black with the evil deeds it as committed on this world.

It stands before the doors, those same dark wings stretching out to block your way. You can see the priest of the church just inside those doors and know if you could only reach him, things would be better, but the demon blocks you from entering.

Distraught, you turn back from the church and wander back into the town, as you feel the darkness of the evil slowly begin to engulf you, you wake from the vision, drenched in sweat!

Once he has come around from the vision, Gavri`el asks if anyone present has heard of a Tracy Pauley.

Killian notices a man come in to the church, looks around and notices the posse toward the front of the church. He then turns around a leaves the church.

Killian immediately follows the man out.

Beau, Bullseye and John follow behind Killian.

Gavri`el gets up and follows as well.

Once out on the street and spotting the man as he moves away from the church, Killian shouts out, “Oy!”

As John leaves the church, he changes the ammo in his gun from his wooden bullets to regular bullets.

Killian and Bullseye catch up with the man and begin to have a conversation with him. His name is Boyd.

Gavri`el and John approach the conversation.

Gavri`el and Bullseye notice that Boyd begins to sweat.

Gavri`el interrogates Boyd, who is he, does he know Tracy, but the man does not give Gavri`el any meaningful information and it is obvious he is afraid of Gavri`el.

Beau heads of to the Land Claims Office.

Bullseye and Killian head off to the closest saloon, the Alhambra to search for Pauley.

Gavri`el goes to visit Gustav Lafleur.

John goes back home to work on his magic items.

Bullseye and Killian do not find anyone who knows Pauley.

Beau checks at the Land Claims Office for information on Pauley’s claim. After bribing the clerk, he gets information on the location of Pauley’s claim.

Gavri`el arrives at Gustav’s place. Asks him about the vision that he has had at the church. Gustav tells him from a quick interpretation of the dream that Tracy Pauley appears to be an every man and he feels that the demon character was shown to be breaking down the faith of the flock of the church in Deadwood.

Beau heads to the Nutall saloon.

Killian and Bullseye also head to the Nutall.

Gavri`el heads to the Nutall after leaving Gustav’s place.

The posse shares the information that each has found out with each other. They eat dinner.

After dinner, they head for Pauley’s tent.

Gavri`el goes up to the tent and pulls back the flap.

Killian watches the back of the tent.

Bullseye keeps an eye on the other prospectors who are cooking their food on a nearby communal fire.

Beau backs up Gavri`el.

When Killian begins to enter the tent, a few of the prospectors nearby object. They tell the posse that Tracy is a good guy but they haven’t seen him for the past day.

John and Bullseye notice that as the sun starts to set for the day, it seems to be growing darker than normal.

John suggests the posse go to see Swift.

Posse overhears Swift talking with Wild Bill. The two are at the Marshall’s office and as they exit, they run into the posse.

The posse begins to discuss the extra darkness with Bill and Swift and John after observing Gavri`el, he comes to the conclusion that some thing is happening to Gavri`el. He mentions that he has spotted that Gavri`el’s cloths have lost their luster and appear duller.

Bullseye climbs up the nearby boarding house to check out the surrounding area. While looking toward the west, he notices the tree spirit beyond the edge of town.

Swift surmises that the increase in darkness, aka evil, could also result in the loss of good faith of the more religious members of Deadwood.

The posse suggests going in search of the tree spirit to deal with that threat, of course if there’s some kind of reward, to which Swift mentions that he could probably come up with something.

Swift grants each member of the posse except Bullseye with Darkvision, warning them to return to Deadwood in about 8 hours as that’s how long they’ll be able to see in the dark.

Posse heads out into the forest in search of the tree spirit. They find Tracy’s body in much the same condition as to the body they had found the earlier that day.

Ben, David, Jeff, Mike M. and Patrick get 3 fate points.



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