Deadwood Deacon

Meet Killian Keogh at High Noon

September 10, 1876 – Evening at the Nutall saloon.

Posse is in the saloon and notices a new performer playing the piano. After his set, Killian comes over to the posse’s table and is invited to sit.

A black suited man comes into the saloon and is noticed by the posse. Goes over to the bar and after ordering a drink, begins talking to a soiled dove. Gavri`el casts Zone of Truth in the saloon.

Asks in a loud voice if anyone has evil intent, raise their hand. No one raises their hand. He then asks if anyone is a demon or devil, to raise their hand, again no one does.

A group of 6 prospectors comes over to the table after figuring out that Gavri`el had cast the spell and 2 of them start a fight with Gavri`el.

Gavri`el goes to draw his sword. The 6 prospectors draw their pistols.

John casts Wall of Force between themselves and the prospectors.

Beau grapples Gavri`el.

Two of the prospectors get shots off which ricochet off the Wall of Force.

Gavri`el manages to cast Lightning Bolt, which ricochets off the Wall of Force.

The prospectors flee the bar and everyone begins to calm down.

John buys a round of whiskey for the bar.

A few moments later, Deputy Swift comes into the bar.

Swift has a short talk with the posse, then leaves.

Gavri`el notices that the man in black is no longer at the bar and the soiled dove isn’t to be found either.

September 11, 1876

Beau heads for breakfast, but sees a crowd and heads there instead.

Killian is also headed for breakfast and sees the same crowd. He joins Beau.

They see that the crowd is around a body on the ground. They notice it is the soiled dove who was talking with the man in black from the night before.

Beau and Killian see that there are puncture wounds on her neck and that she is extremely pale.

They hang back while learning that the Marshal has been called and wait for a lawman to arrive.

Wild Bill shows up and mentions that she was killed by a vampire.

Perry Beasley shows up and takes the body away. Wild Bill goes with Beasley to make sure the body is properly taken care of.

Beau and Killian head for the Nutall saloon.

Gavri`el also heads for the Nutall for breakfast.

After eating, the three head to visit Deputy Swift. They tell Swift what they know about the death of the girl.

The three then head to John’s house.

Beau and Killian research about the vampire, checking out the spot where the body was found.

Beau and Killian tell John & Gavri`el about what the found.

Later that evening, Beau, Gavri`el and Killian go to the Nutall saloon to see if the man in black is there.

Henry Richards is sitting at the bar chatting with another soiled dove.

The three sit at a table and watches Henry.

After an hour, he leaves the bar with the dove. The posse considers whether to follow him or not.

Beau tells Gavri`el and Killian to stay in the bar while he follows them. The couple crosses to the other side of the street.

Beau follows but stays on the same side of the street.

Beau stops to chat with the deputy. Asks what info about the vampire would be worth to the sheriff.

Beau sees them go into a hotel. Beau heads back to the saloon fills in the group.

Ben, David, Mike M and Patrick get 3 Fate points.



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