Deadwood Deacon

Meet Bullseye at High Noon

September 12, 1876

John buys 4 spells, then creates some wooden stakes.

John heads to the Rio Grande Hotel & Cafe, bribes the desk clerk to see what room Richard’s is in. Goes to his room, casts Detect Undead, sees none, casts Clairvoyance, sees that Richard’s room is empty.

Bullseye is sitting down in the lobby of the Rio Grande, sees John come in talk to the clerk and go upstairs.

John notices Bullseye in the lobby as he leaves the hotel.

Bullseye goes to talk to with Deputy Swift, gets told about the posse. Heads towards John’s house.

John heads to James’ house to check out information about old magic.

John asks James if he knows what Swift is. John asks if he knows what Gustave is. Informs James that spells don’t work around Swift.

Bullseye is greeted by Beau at John’s house. Asks to join the posse. Is told by Beau that he will ask John.

Bullseye heads back to the Rio Grande and leaves a note that he’ll be in the Comique Variety Hall & Saloon.

John goes home and is told by Beau that Bullseye came by.

Bullseye goes to the Comique Variety Hall & Saloon and talks with the bartender. Asks about strange happenings in town. Is told about the Hanging Judge and the Vampire. Asks about Deputy Swift and is told that he is a good guy, and that he protects the town. Also states that there have been zombies near town and at least 1 werewolf in town.

John arrives at the saloon and walks up to Bullseye.

John says, “You were looking for us?”

Bullseye says, “Who are you?”

John interviews Bullseye.

Jeff and Patrick get 2 Fate points.



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