Deadwood Deacon

Is There A Vampire In Town At High Noon?

September 26 through October 9

Female body found with bite marks on the neck is found the morning of October 9. Ann Butler the victim had worked at the Comique Variety Hall & Saloon.

The posse goes to visit Deputy Swift. Swift tells them that something seems to come into town to attack the women. Posse finds out that all 3 women had been involved with Henry Richards, who they had investigated briefly when the first woman was found four weeks earlier.

Posse goes to visit some local trappers in one of the saloons.

Arthur R. Smith and Ambrose P. Edwards are at the Indian Head Saloon when the posse encounters them.

John buys a couple of expensive bottles of whiskey to wet the trappers whistles and get information from them concerning the locations of possible caves and prospector shacks in the area.

The trappers note 7 caves and 4 shacks that are in the area on Beau’s map.

Posse goes to the Comique Variety Hall & Saloon and speaks to the bartender about Richards visits to the saloon. During the conversation, the posse reveals that Richards was with Ann the night of her death, which has a visible effect on the bartender.

Posse goes to the Rio Grande Hotel. Asks if Richards is still staying at the hotel. The desk clerk says that he still is but is out working as far as he knows.

Posse also finds out that Richards is a snake oil salesman.

Posse goes to Jack’s Drugs to ask about Richards. Owner tells them that he hasn’t been for over a week but the owner tells the posse that if they see Richards, have him come in to restock his tonic and the store is all sold out.

Posse goes to Hansen’s Remedies and Tonics to ask about Richards. Owner has not seen Richards for about a week and is also sold out of the tonic.

After night fall, posse heads to the Comique Variety Hall to wait for Richards. When he arrives and walks up to the bar, the bartender and a few friends grabs Richards, ties him up. They are planning to lynch Richards for Ann’s death.

The posse talks the lynch mob into taking Richards out back of the saloon. Once in a storage shack behind the saloon, the posse manages to talk the lynch mob into turning Richards over to them for questioning, then they’ll give him back to them once they’ve learned everything they can from him.

The lynch mob goes back into the saloon while the posse interrogates Richards.

Sylvestor selects a nail on Richards hand and proceeds to torture Richards, eventually pulling the nail right out of Richards finger. Sylvestor notices that the nail begins to grow back quickly.

Chip, David and Patrick – 3 fate points.



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