Deadwood Deacon

Clouds on Fire at High Noon

Posse is at the Nutall & Mann’s Saloon having breakfast.

Clouds on Fire, “Hank”, offers the posse a job.

Hank gets a room for Killian in the Rio Grande Hotel.

While at lunch in the Nutall & Mann’s Saloon, Deputy Swift approaches the posse. Pays them $300 each for their previous bounty.

John asks Swift if it is possible to close all of the rifts.

Swift responds that it would be an extremely difficult and time consuming endeavor that he doesn’t believe all of the members of the posse will survive.

John wants to spend some time making magic items.

September 15 through September 20

John is working on magic items.

September 18

John gives Killian a pistol.

September 20, 1876 – 1:00 A.M.

Posse hears a commotion in town. Finds out it is happening in the tent city.

As Beau and John get near the area, they hear people saying that wild dogs are attacking some of the prospectors.

As Hank and Killian get closer they hear people saying there are wild dogs running around in town.

John and Beau happen upon the scene and spot two werewolves attacking some of the tent city inhabitants.

Ben, Chip, Jeff and Patrick – 3 fate points



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