Deadwood Deacon

After The Werewolves at High Noon

September 20, 1876 – Fight aftermath

Posse helps those who are injured in the aftermath of the werewolf fight.

Hank cures the disease on 3 of the infected prospectors.

1 has died and another 2 are also infected.

The posse takes the two infected ones to the jail to make sure they are contained in case they turn prior to Hank being able to cast cure on them. The 3 who have been cured are placed into a different cell away from the 2 infected ones.

Undertaker takes the dead body.

Beau does first aid on any of the rest of the injured.

John heads home with the two amulets.

September 21, 1876

Hank cures the other two infected.

Killian buys 20 silver bullets.

September 22 through September 25

Hank leaves town looking for another group of adventures to help him on his quest since the majority of the Posse weren’t really interested in his ‘job.’

Beau and Killian visit the bars in town to see if they cater to demi humans.

Silvestor Angus III rides into town.

Silvestor joins Beau and Killian on their bar tour.

Early morning, September 25, a female body is found with bite marks on the neck.

Ben, Chip, David and Patrick – 2 fate points.



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